First Day of School!!

Get those pencils, grab your notebook, don’t forget your lunch, because it’s time to get to class! The following picture is one of the slides students will see the first day. I won’t bore you with them all, but the mantra is routine, routine, and routine, thankfully learned from Harry Wong’s The First Day of School. The guy knows his stuff, and as a result, I know mine.

If I have done my math right, this is my 16th year teaching–and it’s been a blast. All righty then, on with the lesson!

Notice the learning goal: CUE. In addition to all the other stuff we are going to do, students will learn about and be able to describe and provide an example of a theatrical cue.

Students will get new seats, introduce themselves and different partners about a million times, rehearse getting into small groups [about a million times], and end with a recap of the other vocab words we are hitting today.

Today’s Theatre Vocabulary

Some words are hit directly, others are merely mentioned, as we move on with the lesson. Yet all of these words will be taught, rather than caught, directly at some point this first quarter. Here is a list of the content vocabulary students will be exposed to today:

  • house [including house right/left–HR, HL]
  • rehearse
  • cue
  • above/below
  • theatre etiquette
  • cross [X]
  • unison
  • dialogue
  • entrance

Each of these words are part of our California Theatre Standards. Standards? For theatre? Yep, we got ’em, and students at NSHS learn ’em.

Have a great day! Tomorrow I will roll out the info for auditioning for the first play of the year. You can sneak a peek here.

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