D-R-A-M-A Rules

In a theatre class we just gotta have some rules. I learned how to present my rules from Jonas Basom’s The Drama Game File–got the whole kit at a recent California Thespian Festival. The games have enriched my curriculum, to be sure.

Lots to get through today: Rules, more name games, defining the term, “Theatrical” and assigning our first homework. Rarely do I assign it, so most students don’t gripe about it. Auditions are scheduled next week. Our student directors are ready for the challenge.

As for the rules, while no one admits to liking them, rules make everyone’s lives a little bit easier. In addition, students know at the get go what will fly in class. Expecting a group of 40+ high school students to all know how to conduct themselves is a recipe for disaster–being explicit and laying out the expectations succinctly works well for us here at NSHS.

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