Auditions Today + First Forays Onstage!

First day of auditions at lunch and after school. We have some students signed up to audition; today will be a great day.

As for class, today we move from classroom to onstage and learn Body Positions Stage Directions. We play a ton of “processing games,” whereby students get in lines by their hair length [longest hair stands upstage, or US] and then students introduce the person next to them in a public voice.

Today names are hammered down as the infamous name quiz takes place next week. I take all the students’ pictures and then load them up on the laptop. My Mac does a great job creating a numbered slideshow and then I project each photo on the screen. We call out names [using our best audience etiquette] and by Friday of next week, all students know all names…because you can’t collaborate if you’re calling someone, “Hey you,” come November.

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