Student-Directed Shows are Cast!

Congrats to all the student actors who came out and auditioned these past two days–the talent and willingness to try anything made it both a joy and a wee bit of a trauma to cast the shows. Honestly, everyone had so many strong casting possibilities.  Our student directors mulled over choices and fought over which actor will be in which cast. Indeed, a few actors will be double cast. Thankfully for new actors, the two shows are failry short, so line memorization isn’t going to send some newbie off a cliff.

All students who auditioned will receive an evaluation form with specific comments. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with me to see how they can improve their next audition. Also, we never put up a cast list for all to see–checking the board after every class period for your name and not seeing it there in such a public venue is almost as challenging as going to the darn audition. So how will they know if they have been cast? Students can come to the theatre at lunch and get their envelopes–inside is the yes/no letter and the evaluation form. Our first read-thru will be Friday after school.

So that’s the after school program. Check. While many theatre classes audition, cast, rehearse and perform their shows right in their drama class, we don’t do that here. So in class, our first quiz will be on Tuesday as students will be showing their mastery of stage directions and actor body positions.

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