Theatre Etiquette

So picture this: You are sitting in a NY Broadway theatre watching a Tony Award winning show.  Because you know it’s supposed to be good, you have sprung for some excellent seats. The show is perfect and you have lost yourself in the action of the play. Then some yahoo next to you whips out her cell phone and starts checking her mail. The LED screen lights up the theatre. Being a minder of theatre etiquette, you shoot her dirty look and go back to the play. Yet she’s still checking her email.

Now the action onstage is gripping–you are so there in the moment with the actors. And yet…there is this ridiculously bright light almost blinding you to your right. Your neighbors rustle a bit; the offender is oblivious. Finally, from the end of your row comes this stab of light from house manager’s trusty Mag Light flashlight. Aha! Busted! Eventually, the lady turns of the phone. We don’t see her after intermission. Thankfully.

Theatre etiquette. You would think that a $100 seat would keep out the riffraff, yet sadly no, bad audience behavior is noticed in best of seats.

Today’s class begins to address the importance of audience etiquette. Plus we look at the key components of a classroom stage manager. Today after school our student directors meet their casts for the first time.

And yep, that was a true story…you just can’t make this stuff up! The play was absolutely brilliant–the set was breathtaking and the acting amazing.

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