Proper Audience Etiquette

Friday we touched on audience etiquette and this week will hit it full force. We will review the rules and then create some tableaux [silent motionless depiction of a scene created by actors that is often from a picture (plural tableaux); interesting tableaux use all 3 levels] to solidify the knowledge.

Students will collaborate on their first group project to present a tableau of an appropriate [or not so appropriate] way to behave in the theatre. These tableaux must have three levels and we absolutely must know what the rule is…and of course, everyone participates. Students will take the stage, introduce themselves from SR to SL, the stage manager will recite the rule, step DR and the group will strike their tableau.

Before reading a short handout on appropriate audience etiquette, I show an absolutely nifty film from Drury High School’s  WINNING entry in the International Thespian Festival Theatre Etiquette short film contest. The Drury Drama Team is International Thespian Troupe # 5135.

Tomorrow it’s body position and name quiz central.

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