First Quiz Today

Test anxiety can affect many of us–we know the stuff down cold, but once the paper is put in front of us, out the door goes all those facts and figures we so diligently memorized. Of course, the same could be said for acting…

Students are ready for their first quiz on actor body positions and stage directions. We have rehearsed this test multiple times and in two ways: on paper and on stage. I anticipate full marks.

After the quiz we will do our first on stage group project–audience etiquette tableaux. The anxiety about going onstage quells with each project. Yep, it’s pretty hard to get all nervous when everyone is on the floor doing bunny ears…

We can prepare for tests by prepping sanely [cramming never helped me much]. We can lessen the butterflies swarming in our bellies while onstage by knowing everyone’s names and feeling confident that they probably feel the same way.

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