Fairy Tale Tableaux

Allllll Abooooaaarrddd! This week we get on stage and perform our first of many group projects. We started Friday and chose a fairy tale, a stage manager, and prepared to perform five tableaux of said fairy tale on Monday.

What’s a tableau? Remember playing statue tag or freeze tag when you were a kid? That’s essentially a tableau. Good ones use all three levels. Broadway shows do it  all the time. Two weekends ago I saw War Horse and that production used tableaux often to show passage of time and to highlight a critical moment. If it’s good enough for the big boys on Broadway, it’s legit to do it in Salinas.

Here are the directions the students received:

  • Introduce yourselves
  • Stage Manager, please make sure the following gets done:
    • Put everyone’s full names, period, date one side of the index card
    • Make sure you circle and star your name
    • Write the title of your fairy tale at the top
    • Identity the five most interesting scenes from the fairy tale that you will create in your tableaux (for example: Cinderella’s ball, Big Bad Wolf blows down one of the 3 Pigs, etc.]
  • Rehearse each tableau—remember, you will need all three levels
  • Rehearse your transitions to each tableau—how will you move from your first look to your second look?
  • Stage manager will give the cue to shift—cue should be concise and may be verbal [consider a clap or a snap or something similar…]

This project hits four of the five California Theatre Arts Standard Strands: Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Aesthetic Valuing, and Connections, Relationships, Application. I will post pix of their projects next week.

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