Hittin’ the Books

We are so fortunate here at North Salinas High School to have a district that values high quality textbooks–for the arts. Our district adopted what I think is the finest theatre textbook for the high school: Basic Drama Projects by Fran Tanner. But if you are using a better one out there, drop me line, as I am always looking for the newest/latest.

We crack the book often, and when I have to be out of the classroom, it’s a great place to send kids. In addition, if students are gone for a lengthy time and are unable to work on our class projects, alternate assignments from the textbook do the trick and help to get them back on track.

Today we will do a walk-through of the text so students have an idea what’s in it. They essentially do a scavenger hunt which will familiarize them about the units of study, glossary, and, of course, the projects they may choose to do. Love this book!

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