Auditions & Dramatic Structure Lesson

Our first day of auditions landed us 21 great candidates–polished, ready, full of energy and improvisational abilities. It’s not too late to sign up and audition–we have more slots after school. Get more info on the play here as well as how to prep for the audition. If you are a current drama student, you already have your audition packet info.

In class, we are looking at how to talk about the dramatic structure of a play–how to discuss a play’s sequence of events. Why do we need to know about rising action, climax, and resolution? Aren’t these boring old terms from our English classes that go on some sort of triangle? Au contraire, students of theatre: we need to be able to identify all these points in a play otherwise we won’t be able to make the climax or the inciting incident clear to the audience. And an audience that doesn’t understand the play is typically an unhappy audience…

Below are the slides we look at and the handout that discusses Dramatic Structure. Please know that Powerpoint does suck out any bells and whistles I might have had in my original Keynote slideshow. Yep, we are Mac lovers in the theatre. PC = PU.

Dramatic Structure Slideshow

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