Shape Duet Project & First Day of Rehearsal…

Lots of exciting things happening here in our neck of the woods. We started our Shape Duet Project. It’s nifty keen.

Here’s the premise: Students will create a short scene comprised only of movement. This choreographed performance must have a strong beginning, a complete middle, and a snappy end—think of it as telling a simple story through movement. It will incorporate a variety of locomotor movements. But it’s not a dance piece, although students are welcome to dance in parts if they choose. Perhaps students will inspired by movement from the LXD series we are watching in class?

After school we had our first rehearsal. There is nothing like that first company meeting–such promise & excitement. Handouts and info for The Love of Three Oranges can be found here. Oh, and the best part? The playwright, Hillary DePiano even wished us well on our production. We have arrived!


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  1. The LXD videos were so cool! The people in those movies have the best talent because they have the full package of performing, they can dance , and act. They were inspiring to watch! Thanks for sharing those videos with us.

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