Classroom Rehearsals are Shaping Up

Rehearsals are underway for our first in-class performance project: The Shape Duet. We have our song [The James Bond Theme] and students are incorporating dramatic structure to make super exciting scenes. Today we will rehearse our introductions [they are worth 100 points of the 340 total] and present them in class at the end of the period.

Grading performances can be challenging–so subjective! How do we know if students have met the standards? What does Advanced look like as opposed to Proficient? [These are CA Theatre Arts Standards words…] What if a kid is super nervous but has rehearsed? How do they get graded? What about the kid who has more natural “talent” than the other guy?

This is where the rubric comes in to rescue student and teacher alike. By using a rubric [masterfully written, if I do say so myself] students know exactly how they will be graded and know how to prepare. No surprises–students know exactly what to include in their projects. Check out the standards on the bottom.

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