Headin’ to the End of Quarter One…

Are you serious? I just checked the calendar and we are already finished with quarter one next Friday. It seems like we just got here! Click here for our school’s calendar.

Thankfully there isn’t too much end-of-the-quarter-panic on my end [except for updating the gradebook, but that’s an entirely different matter]. Students are set to present their first project next week. Notebooks will be due after we have completed presenting and reflecting upon the project.

Our first legit Thespian Club meeting will occur today at lunch. Legit means that I actually remembered to get a notice in the student announcements that are read each morning. The officers held a planning meeting on the agenda items, so I will report back next week.

Starting next week I am hoping to roll out a new project: Thursday’s Thespian, a venue for my International Thespian Students to report, reflect, and perhaps, rant. Stay tuned.

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