Shape Duet Performances TOMORROW

Classroom Updates

It’s almost opening night, er day in our Theatre Arts classes. Students are rehearsing like mad for their Shape Duets that go up Wednesday and Thursday. As I walk around, checking Stage Manager envelopes, I am hearing the content vocabulary: rising action, plot, introductions, three levels, unison. They are critiquing one another and offering legit comments based on the standards in the rubrics. Ah, it makes a teacher proud.

Production Meeting #2

It’s so exciting to sit in a production meeting of capable young designers who can solve all sorts of problems. Each Monday, our production team meets at lunch to hammer out any issues and get prepped for the week. Together they made their lists of what to do when their crews arrived and Lo showed off her ideas for the set pieces we will be constructing. The designs are lovely.

During rehearsal yesterday, our crews cleaned up, sorted space for future work sessions, and loaded up our new shed [thanks Mr. McKenzie & Mr. Oliver!] with furniture and extra bits we don’t need backstage. Yep, all that happened while we blocked the rest of act one. Today will run the blocking for act one and start on act two.

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