End of Quarter 1 Opportunities

Quarter 1 done, check

Well, we made it. We finished all our Shape Duets [we might have a few more to critique if students were absent] and it’s the end of 8+ weeks of work. What a great feeling!

But wait, there’s more:

Next week Paper Wing Theatre will perform their updated version of Prometheus Bound during fourth period on Monday, October 8th. Here’s what what we know about this exciting performance: 

Disturbing and profoundly haunting, Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound is given a fresh and visionary interpretation that holds a mirror, 2500 years later, to our own political climate, meditating on the universal tragedies of tyranny, oppression, and violence through a retelling of the doomed Titan’s downfall: his punishment for gifting fire to the mortal race. Prometheus Bound remains one of the most controversial examinations of oppression ever written, here presented in a moving and engaging, contemporary interpretation of the famed Greek tragedy….

Any chance we get to see live theatre FOR FREE, yep Paper Wing is performing their production gratis, is a super opportunity to rehearse our audience and critiquing skills. And we are soooo grateful. A special thanks to Koly McBride, the artistic director of Paper Wing for getting these talented performers to our NSHS stage. 

Students, please see Rillingale in the theatre for a permission slip–it’s your ticket in to see some great theatre. 

Project Update

We have started to upload the Shape Duet Performances to our Youtube page. It takes a while to get them all up to our site, so please be patient. We will get the opportunity to see many of these in class in the next few days as well. Here’s one to get you started:

Notebooks due Wednesday, October 10th…

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