Paper Wing Theatre Performs Don Juan in Hell by GB Shaw

Yesterday we got a huge treat fourth period: Paper Wing Theatre Company came to our theatre and performed the first act of George Bernard Shaw’s Don Juan in Hell. What an absolute delight!

Here’s the skinny on the show from Paper Wing’s Facebook Page: “Don Juan in Hell” is an excerpt (Act 3, Scene 2) from George Bernard Shaw’s philosophical comedy “Man and Superman”. Performed here as a stand-alone play, three characters from Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Juan, the Devil, the Commander, and Doña Ana) meet in Hell and, joined by the Devil, have a philosophical debate on a variety of subjects, including Heaven and Hell, men, women and marriage. In the end, they all decide where they will spend eternity.

74 students attended and all were impressed by the actors’ focus on stage. One student actor cast in 3 Oranges remarked how he was inspired to really go and learn his lines after watching the lead from Don Juan so effortlessly perform. We loved the costumes. We loved the diction. We loved the variety of choices each actor made.

After the performance, the actors, director, producer and stage manager stayed behind for a Q&A. Lots of sage advice was offered:

  • read plays
  • attend plays
  • keep auditioning
  • do the opposite of what people expect
  • keep learning new things from every experience
  • be willing to work any job in a theatre because all are valuable.

Many thanks to Paper Wing Theatre Company and especially Koly McBride, the artistic director, for bringing these talented performers to our stage!

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