New Unit: Stage Makeup

Yesterday we started our Stage Makeup Unit–in just a week or so, we will be making ourselves look like much older versions of ourselves…without the aches and pains associated with old age. But first, we need to know how a stage makeup designer works.

In studying this unit, we will be using Disney’s The Lion King as our focus. What kid hasn’t seen the cartoon version [yesterday, there was less than a handful…] so I felt good using this as our “into” to the unit. It was an absolute delight watching the students’ faces light upon seeing this film from YouTube:

We discussed the similarities between the screen and the stage version and someone suggested “Field Trip!” as we learned a touring company was coming through San Francisco in a month. While we probably won’t take one, we will continue to use Disney’s educational videos [not an oxymoron, really…] to view and discuss how actors and designers bring this show to an audience eight times a week in many locations throughout the world.

We ended the lesson by looking at the duties of a makeup designer, specifically, a makeup designer working on The Lion King in London. Find the website link here, and the word doc here. We read it and will be summarizing it later this week.

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