Makeup Disasters…

What a disaster yesterday’s lesson was for us! I should realize when I am scrambling around answering the same question to more than three groups that “Houston, there is a problem.” And boy hoydee, were there problems.

Thankfully, third period sorted us out–we did a quick debrief at the end of the class and they confirmed my suspicions that while we could easily do shadows, a makeup lab featuring highlights-only is too challenging. They said they needed the shadows to help anchor the highlights. Makes complete and utter sense to me. And my apologies and thanks to periods one through three who were troopers!

Fifth and sixth periods reaped the benefits of the debrief, so the afternoon went quite smoothly. And let me tell you, we have some makeup talent in the house!

For today’s lesson we will divide up our hour and give each partner 25 minutes to apply both shadows and highlights. Tomorrow they will be assessed according to the rubric they received last week. The pix you see below were NOT disasters…just a carryover from yesterday. Enjoy!

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