Makeup Application Final

What an absolutely cool job I have: kids performing their final old age character makeup design on one another and, I kid you not, every kid is singing along to Glee’s version of “I Think I Wanna Marry You.”

Because it was their final, I didn’t allow myself to field questions, but told designers to get an opinion from someone who executes solid makeup skills. Ah, the discourse. I heard academic language woven in with, “it’s a beautiful night, nothing else to do…” Oh baby, Constructing Meaning is working in our drama classes.

We took discourse to the next level as designers were required to get a peer critique using the our old age character makeup rubric. After being critiqued, models got their picture taken and I assessed their designer right on top of the peer’s assessment. In most cases, our critiques were spot on as we often checked the same boxes on the rubrics.

As you check out our work, please know that we didn’t work hard to match skin tone–we are looking for application and blending technique. Designers had a choice of fair, medium or dark foundation and the shadows/highlights that correspond. We use Ben Nye makeup. Yep, we know that most models are wearing the wrong color. Give us a break, I have 165 kids…it’s a ton of makeup to prep! But oh, it’s been a fun unit. Now when we roll out our play in, yikes! 13 days, we should be ready for makeup.

Check out our work:

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  1. Fabulous work, everyone! You’re already building some mad makeup skills. (And “football” dude — nice eyebrow action.)

    • I agree with Ann, everyone from what I saw in class and in pictures did a fantastic job with the make up!

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