Our First Book Drive!

Our NSHS Theatre motto is “Creating Community One Show @ a Time in Sunny Salinas, CA.” To support this motto, we wanted to actually give something back to our community.

Now, our Leadership Class goes out into the community every December and reads children’s books to local elementary schools. Since many of the Leadership students are also involved in the fall play, The Love of Three Oranges, we thought about teaming up to make this mantra a reality.

To that end, the NSHS Theatre Department will offer a $1 discount off the $5 general admission of The Love of Three Oranges if patrons bring in a new or gently used children’s book.  Our goal is to collect 100 books that Leadership students can read to the elementary students and then donate to their library. Can we do it? Yes we can!

What kind of books do we want? Cool ones that kids will want to read. These books need to be in new or next-to-new shape–no spills, tears, crayon marks or dedications inside.

We want picture books…nonfiction books…banned books…books about vampires…camping…bugs…science…fiction…princesses…books that are seasonal…books that have won awards…books that rhyme…fairy tales…The sky is the limit.

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