Final Dress Rehearsal Today

The theatre is abuzz with activity as we perform some last-minute magic to our fall show, The Love of Three Oranges, which opens TOMORROW! Discount ticket information is here. We have over 25 students involved in the show, and that doesn’t include all the 21 front of house staff and makeup crew we need each night.

Students spent many hours yesterday adding details to props and our few furniture pieces. Thanks NSHS teachers for allowing students to miss your classes; we appreciate your commitment to the arts.

Yesterday was our first dress rehearsal–we tried on our costumes [need to add some detail] and executed some fine makeup skills. Boy, that recent makeup unit sure came in handy…It’s exciting that so many actors were able to do their own makeup–now that’s a sign of a trained actor!

The lights and sound cues are in great shape. Our lighting designer, Lucas, created some impressive looks. We added some great “spooky” sounds from, wait for it: Scooby Do. I kid you not, there is a super site that has all the songs/music from various Scooby Do cartoons. We listen to those meddling kids pretty often at the Rillingale Ranch, so when I found the site, I was excited!

Final Dress Rehearsal Today @ 4 pm

Today’s last dress rehearsal is open to any current drama student. We open the house at 3:45 pm, and the show runs 1:45 with a wee intermission. Please remember, it is a dress rehearsal, and we may need to stop [but gosh, we hope not!]. Rehearse your excellent audience etiquette and come see our rollicking comedy.

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