Thespians Give Thanks…

It’s an important tradition to give thanks on this day. We do the same in our theatre classes and in our productions.

Any student who is cast or crews for any of our shows is required to write at least one thank you card to any person who helped them during rehearsals, tech, or run of the show. We make it easy and even give them the cards so those who aren’t feeling super crafty will still participate. How do we get 100% cooperation? Students who don’t write one are ineligible to participate in any future auditions, Thespian Club banquets [including induction into ITS], and our annual Thespian Sleepover in the theatre.

To be honest though, kids aren’t writing thank you cards not because they aren’t grateful for all the support and the help they have received. Rather, kids aren’t writing thank you cards because they aren’t asked to do so. A text, Facebook post or an email message have all replaced that hand-written card. But not here. And the cards I saw passed out to crew and cast members on Monday during our debrief were heartwarming. Most students wrote multiple cards. Some were super crafty. As a side note, I have saved every thank you card a student has written to me. Senior Thespians have indicated they do the same. It helps them work on their Cultural Heritage Project if they have Mrs. Birkeland!

BTW, we are becoming even more tech savvy and have joined the Instagram craze. Who knew it could be so fun. Check us out @ nshstheatre. 

So here are some pretty cards that came my way. Thanks for the thanks! And if you missed our pictures of the play, The Love of Three Oranges, check them out here.

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  1. These is a very nice idea, because writing a letter has a lot more meaning than a Facebook post, text, or anything that has to do with an electronic…or social network . It just shows how much will you have to put in genuine effort to give thanks, or anything you need to say to someone, especially decorating the card. I believe that writing a meaningful letter, and making it look nice and crafty is the best way to show how thankful you are to that person.

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