Finals Week–End of Semester One!

Has it really been two quarters [one semester]? Where has all the time gone? This week we are hoppin’ in the theatre as we are turning in our notebooks and are performing our Junk Yard Drill Team Projects. Oh, and finishing up watching The LXD. And watching Powder Puff Football on Thursday. [Some of my favorite theatre students are playing!]

Here are some rehearsal shots of our JYDT projects:

Thespian Holiday Party

Attention all students involved in any of our NSHS shows this year: We are having our annual Holiday Banquet on Thursday after the Powder Puff game. Look for your invite on Monday or Tuesday.

Any student who acted, crewed, or designed “Hard Candy,” “The Boys @ Ihop,” or The Love of Three Oranges Is welcome to attend. We will eat [everyone needs to bring something to eat…], play theatre games, and do our annual Ghetto Gift Exchange.

Ghetto Gift Exchange—what is it?

  • Take a look through all the cool things you already own, but don’t want. If you don’t have something, go buy it, but don’t spend more than $5.
  • Wrap it up beautifully—the goal is to make it incredibly attractive and enticing.
  • At the holiday party, all people who brought a gift will pick a number.
  • The person with #1 goes first and picks out a gift. #2 person can either take #1’s gift or one from the pile.
  • A gift can be stolen only three times.
  • At the end, we open our cool gifts!

Again, plan to bring something to eat and an inexpensive Christmas gift that is beautifully wrapped.

What advice/ideas do you have for the Ghetto Gift Exchange?

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