Acting Scenes Perform Soon!


NSHS Theatre students performing a tableau

While in the movies they say “Action” to begin a scene, in the world of theatre, we say, “Scene” and “End Scene” to let our audience know we are starting/beginning something hopefully fantastic.

Tomorrow is the time for hopefully fantastic Ask, Plead, Bribe and Threaten Scenes as our drama students are ready to perform! Today we will brush up on our intros, make sure we have all our essential C.R.O.W info and do a few more run throughs. Advanced students get to sign up to perform first [hey, it’s one of the many perks…].

On performance day, here’s how it goes: we rehearse madcap for about 8 minutes [double checking that we have some great blocking], then performers give me their rubric, set up their scenes, do their intro, say “Scene,” perform, say “End Scene,” strike their sets, and then are critiqued via said rubric. The next group is waiting in the wings [so to speak, as they are really hunkered down House Right] and set up their scenes while I am critiquing. All audience members are asked to provide either a warm/cool stem comment as part of their critique.

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  1. The ask , plead, bribe project was intertaining , I loved it! It gave me a little experience of acting out something. I felt so ready to perform it, until I couldn’t control my laugh because I had something funny in my script. But I’m glad I performed it, because I memorized my lines well. If I’m in theater again next year, I will look forward to this project!

  2. C.r.o.w. is really helpful and people should go by this to feel prepared when presenting a scene. It’s a great pneumonic device.

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