Kickin’ back…

Kickin' Back...…On a Six Week Hiatus. So things are a bit quiet around here. Waiting for spring? Prepping for the Californian Thespian Festival? Working off those holiday extra pounds? All of these are true for us at The biggest reason, though, is that I am on a six week medical leave. Trust me, I would much rather be at school.

While I rest up, my students are under the eagle-eye care of Mr. Sanchez, a recent BA graduate in History and substitute extraordinaire. Oh, and did I mention that he was a student of mine while I was teaching Senior English years ago? How cool is that? Although, it tends to make me feel a wee bit old, but that might be the pain killers talking…Anyhoo, see you all in six weeks unless I feel inspired.

Any ideas for future posts are welcome–please drop us a line or a comment.

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