Newspaper Costumes & Duck Tape Unit

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 9.07.57 AMWhile I was off on medical leave growing a new liver, my students were working hard in class. One project that rocked the house is the Newspaper Costume Project. In the spirit of Duck Tape Prom, students got into teams and had to create a costume appropriate to wear to a prom comprised solely of tape [duct, masking, scotch, etc.] and newspaper. Each model walked down the runway, introduced by our fearless substitute, Mr. Sanchez.

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  1. Chris looks stunning, I love how everyone outfit are so different and unique. 😀

  2. with the potential of actual duct tape artists! Twas fun and memorial, from the guy that still has the top in his locker~ (Armand2)

  3. i commented this earlier, but i did it on the wrong post…I can’t remember exactly who had the half suit, half dress outfit, however, I believed it was the most creative. I also thought it was designed well, seeing as the model looked good on either side.

  4. Good job to everyone for showing your creativity with duct tape

  5. Visualizing a dress in your head then trying to make it come to life is a lot harder then it seems! I had a lot of fun with Selica and Joanna during this project! Good times and memories were made 🙂

  6. This was by far the most awesome project! I’m looking forward to theatre again next year. Everyone’s prom outfits looked so pretty , especially the dresses, loved it!

  7. I loved this project it’s my favorite so far I agree with Joanna! Thanks Samantha we worked really hard to make it look great!!

  8. This was my favorite project! I liked the dress my group made ^-^ & I agree with everyone! Selica’s dress what great!! I think Denisee’s was too it was sooo pretty and she modeled it so well!! 🙂

  9. This project is my favorite! Our group worked really hard and Selica pulled it off so well!

  10. This project was so much fun! I agree with Victoria! Nice dress Selica.

  11. Thanks you guys! We put a lot of hard work into creating our newspaper outfit!

    • with your hard work selica, I’m pretty sure your lip sync project will be great just like your newspaper prom dress

  12. Nice dress Selica and I love the purse to match.