How to Perform a Smashing Lip Sync

Beyonce-Lip-synchPerforming a super lip sync is easier said than done. Here are some tips that will definitely help you rock the house at your next event. If you have additional advice, be sure to add a comment at the end of this post. 

 It’s All in the Song

Song selection is key. Period. If you are singing solo, something by the Jackson 5 might not be a strong choice. It’s best if the number of people we hear singing matches the number of singers on stage performing the number. Make sure you really like the song, because you will have to sell it onstage. If you don’t particularly care for your number, chances are your audience won’t either. Be mindful of your song’s message, your audience, and your venue. A high school talent show might not allow certain songs–be sure to check the fine print before you commit your song to memory.  

Don’t Just Stand There

Incorporate some appropriate movement into your song. Swaying to the beat will grow tiresome for your audience, so be sure to vary what you do. If you can move like your song’s original singer, all the better! 

Interact With Your Audience

Chances are you are preparing this lip sync for performance in front of a live audience—classmates, best friends, family, bar patrons, what have you. Be sure to look at us—singing is about communicating. Ignoring us is bad form. Crooning into the microphone eyes closed for the entire song makes us want to order another…glass of apple cider. 

Seesaw rehearsingRehearse, Rehearse and Rehearse Some More

There’s nothing worse than a bad lip sync. You absolutely must know all the words to your song. Print out those lyrics and commit them to memory. Budget one hour of rehearsal time for every minute of stage time–add more if you’re going to do some fancy choreography. 

Dress for Success

Select something appropriate to wear, being mindful of the venue and your audience. Is this the time to dress like the original singer? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Rehearse multiple times in the costume you plan to wear, and ladies, please make sure you can actually walk in those stilettos…

Schedule a Dress Rehearsal

Well, how good are you, really? Rehearsing in the mirror is helpful but get an extra set of eyes to give you some feedback. Ask them to be honest but not cutting. At the end of the day, what matters the most is: does your mouth match the music?

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  1. This was an interesting project. Try to pick a song like a ballad that everyone knows. Looking back, it made it much easier. The project helped me learn to work with people bot so coordinated, which was a growing experience.

  2. Like Harley said, i think the half dress, half suit costume was really creative and was one of the best costumes out of all the classes.

  3. This is a very helpful article, I wish i would have read it before we perfomed as “right direction.” But know i have some tips for the next perfomance we do in theatre.

  4. This project was really fun and interesting! I can’t wait to do it again 🙂

  5. This project was really fun, especially the choreography part. :3

    • I agree with Cassie, I had a blast with my group, it was fun putting together the choreography to make it go with our song, & watching other people’s lip sync was also cool and funny especially the one with the guy lying down in the middle of the stage, I couldn’t stop laughing when Ms.Rilingale showed us the video

  6. These tips resally help in creating a better perfromance, Ms.Rillingale. Do you suggest on going off stage to the audience to interract with them? – Harley 2

    • Harley: Any time you can connect with your audience is good! Be mindful of your mic reach [if you are using one]. I know of performers who plant someone in the front few rows who is ready to interact them. Good luck!
      Or as we say in the theatre, break a leg!

  7. @ Paola: I think it will be wery interesting to pull off a crime scene on stage. Good luck with your performance.

  8. You ready Bri!!!! Woohoo

  9. Woohoo!!!! Ready to show my best talent

  10. Going off of what Selica said, our group is having a great time as well as coming up with some funky weird moves to do as a unison! This should be interesting..

  11. I cant wait to perform this project!! It’s going to be difficult since I always sing out loud but ill take the challenge!

  12. This project has been a challenge, but hopefully everything turns out great. Cant wait to see what all your guys performances!

  13. I’m having fun with this project too Samantha, Ms.Rilingale is so creative when it comes to these projects. It’s awesome having this class first period, it wakes me up! (:

  14. I think this is a really cool project, its been a blast trying to learn our song :))

  15. I’m really excited to preform this project! Our group is working really hard to make this a great one!

  16. I’m having fun with this project! I love to dance and making up moves is really fun to do, this is why I love your class! we always have fun ^-^

  17. I’m very excited to preform in front of the class with my group! This project is very exciting!

  18. I think this project will be very fun and I cant wait to perform our song with my partner paola.

  19. This is going to be a really fun project! My group and I are having a great time figuring out how to act out in our song!

  20. I’m very excited to do this project! My partner Miriam and I have yet to show off our crime scene. Hopefully we picked a good song.

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