25 Things an Actor Should Take to Rehearsal


As I watch my student directors do a fantastic job in their rehearsals, I notice that not all actors are as prepared as we might like. Here is a list of a few items actors should have with them at all times. Let’s see what we can add to it!

  1. Script with your name on it so when it’s lying about backstage, we know to whom it belongs

  2. Pencil
  3. Another pencil because your first one needs sharpening
  4. Post-its
  5. Water
  6. Snack, preferably something healthy, not pretend food
  7. Contact sheet of everyone in your company, transferred to your cell phone’s contact list, so you txt ASAP
  8. Another pencil as your scene partner forgot hers
  9. Your character’s backstory written down, not just some ideas jumbled in your head
  10. The Magic If
  11. Highlighter
  12. Band aids
  13. Money for coffee/tea or better yet, your own tea bags
  14. Rehearsal calendar with your scenes highlighted
  15. Notebook/pad to record your director’s notes
  16. Your plan for today’s rehearsal: what will you bring to your scene[s]?
  17. Inspirational/motivational quote to peruse when you have a tough day
  18. Anything your stage manager asks you for…ever…
  19. A different script you are reading to see if there’s a good monologue in there
  20. A new small hand prop to help you with some stage business
  21. Homework to complete when your scene is not being rehearsed
  22. Thank you notes almost completed from last show waiting to be delivered
  23. Pen [yet it is NEVER to be used in your script]
  24. Aspirin
  25. Favorite Thespian Problem image

Oh, I know I have forgotten things. What should we add to our list? Leave us your spin by clicking on the little comment dohicky deal at the top.

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  1. This list is awesome, I wouldn’t have thought of all of this and all of it is necessary! The more you prepared the better you will do, they should also bring their smile and a loud voice

  2. I think people should have extra scripts because sometimes things happen and we forget them.

  3. This list is extremely helpful! not just for rehearsal but also for daily school life. I especially have to agree with the snack, although the snack does not have to be healthy if you bring even more snacks with you!

    p.s: I’m always hungry so more than one snack is not weird at all for me.

  4. Having a delicious snack sounds like an excellent idea during rehearsals. You never know when you need some energy in your body so you can perform adequately during practice time.

  5. @Maggie

    Yea mrs.R is a good teacher.
    These tips are very helpful in the sense that you already know what the teacher is looking for.

  6. Now I know what I will need if I ever choose to audition for a play. I like the tip, bring homework for when your seen is not being rehearsed, it’s always good to have something else to do.

  7. It’s a great idea the suggestion of bringing more than two pencils because you can let others borrow them and it will make you look responsible.

  8. Take a friend to rehearsal for advice and company. Plus you wouldnt have to take all those items you can just split it.

  9. It was a great tip to mention to bring along a healthy snack, it is hard to focus and have an energetic attitude towards things on an empty stomach.

  10. @Maggie:
    Word, these tips are invaluable come rehearsal time. Thanks Rillingale, I’ll remember to bring pencil backups, handy for when ideas of blocking start floating around.

    • Daniel: I recognize that three reminders for pencils are a bit much…but you know who will forget a pencil each time. And I will be a professional and not name names!

  11. Dear. Mrs. Rillingale,
    I love how you give tips to your upcoming (or already) students. This is perfect for anyone who needs tips for auditioning for a play. You are truly AMAZING. Keep up the good work.

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