This I Believe: Sorting Out Your Beliefs

this-i-believe→ I believe everyone should work a stint in the food industry.

→ I believe that my cup is always half full rather than half empty.

→ I believe good things happen to bad people yet I have a choice in how I can react. [See belief number 2.]

We all have essential beliefs—credos that influence how we move through the world. Reflecting upon our credos, our deep beliefs, is the stuff of college application letters, high school essays, and of course NPR’s hit series, This I Believe.

 Asking students in my Theatre Arts class to think about what they believe isn’t hard—what’s the kicker is deciding upon the story that got the kid to buy into their credo in the first place. It’s one thing to say, “I believe friends should have your back,” a common sentiment in the high school classroom. Yet when that kid backs it up with a story about a time when a friend stabbed her in the back, then I sit up and listen. And we want our audience to definitely sit up and listen to these monologues.

Monologues? Audiences? What?! That’s right, drama students, for the next three weeks we will be writing our “This I Believe” monologue. Once it’s polished and memorized, you will get into small groups and create a performance art piece with music, movement, and your monologues. It promises to be a lovely event. Stay tuned for more info on how you will construct your monologues.

By what credo do you live?

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  1. I agree with Andrea it was not difficult to figure out our credo topic since it’s about ourselves

  2. I hope I can think of a comical experience. I’d rather have an audience laughing than any other reaction.

  3. I agrepe with Erick it was hard deciding what story to tell and making sure it’s something your totally fine with people knowing

  4. It’s pretty easy to figure out your credo, it’s just something you believe in for example my credo is I believe in Karma .

    • I agree with Andrea, figuring out our credos wasn’t too difficult, writing out the story long enough was a little harder, and overcoming the nervousness of talking about it on stage

  5. There are quite a few things we all believe in that come with a certain story, and I think the tricky part is going to be choosing the best and most appropriate one.

  6. I agree that a credo shouldn’t be hard to figure out, in so far as we all know what we believe in, but it may be hard to back it up with a good story

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