NSHS Theatre Presents: DramaRama

opening soonOpening Friday, May 3rd, is our spring production, DramaRama, an evening of student-directed and written work. Most of these short one-acts feature the crazy drama surrounding the L-word: LOVE. You’ll see marriage proposals, first date foibles, love of that last piece of coffee cake, spelling-bee love, and three construction workers [who aren’t in love, but they’re funny anyway…].

Serving Up Some Improv

This show also serves as the debut for our very own Improv Troupe, currently nameless. At the end of this post, we would love some suggestions for a name! The group will square off into teams and take suggestions for scene ideas from the audience and compete against one another, ala Comedy Sportz. Coached by Adrian Flores and Kaylie Padgett, this troupe knows the rules of improv and will serve up some fast-paced scenes and games. 

Need Tix?

We perform Friday, May 3rd @ 7 pm in the Little Theatre. Tix are $5 and go on sale Wednesday at lunch and after school. Current drama students and card-carrying Thespian members get in for $4. NSHS staff: you get in free. [Make sure to call/email/accost Rillingale to get those tickets as they will go fast]. Get those tickets ASAP as we perform one night only!

Preview Night

We are hoping to offer a free preview night on Thursday, May 2nd for current drama students. Typically it starts @ 4 pm. Stay tuned!

comment dohickyWell, what should we call our new Improv Troupe? Leave us a suggestion by clicking on the little comment dohicky deal at the top. 

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14 replies

  1. North High has improv now? Where was this when I went there? Either good luck guys follow your dreams!

  2. I am so sad I didn’t get to to attend the last play of the schol year! :/ It looked like fun!

    • I agree with I Jocelyn, it’s a bummer I didn’t get to attend but I heard it was fun to watch and that it was hilarious

  3. The improv was my favorite part, but the overall show was great. The actors and everyone involved put on an amazing show.

  4. I heard great things from the show! People especially love the improv. I would maybe suggest having a variety of activities for each show so it’s not always the same schedule. This may encourage people to go for more than one showing!

  5. This show was probably my favorite one of all year! It was so entertaining, my favorite part HAD to be improv, it was just hilarious! keep up the good work guys!!!! 🙂

  6. I hope you all enjoyed the show! I know all we actors were really nervous especially for improv! But I had so much fun! I encourage everyone who isn’t leaving next you to AUDITION! You never know what will happen (:

  7. @John Holaday
    I agree that the waiting is a drag, just because I can’t wait for the awesomeness to flood, but patience is a virtue and all good things come with time:)

  8. Just finished watching DramaRama, I loved it!
    The plays were hilarious and the improv was rather entertaining! Nice job! 🙂

  9. I already have my ticket and now have to wait. the waiting is the part that I despise with a passion.

  10. I can’t wait to see the opening of the spring play after school! Remember theater students can attend for free! Don’t miss out!

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