School’s Not Quite Out…

schools out for the summerIt may feel like school’s out, but we have three  two more weeks. Seniors, lucky ducks, have less time in their seats…Here are some things to consider as we finish up our year.

  • How’s that notebook? Oh me oh my, but your notebook is due on Friday for periods 1, 3 & 5. If you are on some sort of field trip or taking that last AP exam, your notebook is still due on Friday. It must be graded [find a pal who’s also taking theatre] and turn it in no later than 3:15.
  • Got hours? You need just a few hours this semester: 2 for beginning students and 3 for advanced students. Opportunities included attending or working the Talent Show, DramaRama and Shakespeare Santa Cruz. You may also post 10 comments for an additional hour. Please keep them from sounding like the desperate student you may be–really read the articles and make an intelligent comment…
  • What’s our final? It’s a two parter: performing your fantastic This I Believe Monologues solo and then serving them up one more time with music and movement.

Well, what do you still have to do to get ready for the end of our school year? Leave us your spin by clicking on the little comment dohicky deal at the top.

Because we are an educational-type website, all comments must be approved, so be sure to mind your theatre etiquette.  

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  1. School is definetly not over. Lots to do in such short of time. Although classes are hectic during the end of the year, theater class however is usaully a breeze as long as you are kept of with your notebook and have all your hours!

  2. This was helpful, I’m thankful I have an opportunity to make up those hours. That last project was interesting, to be honest at first I didn’t want to do it because I felt scared giving a speech but it definetly helped me have a lot less stage fright so I’m happy I performed it. With the rubric, I now know what I need to work on

  3. Do your work every day and you wont have to worry about it later so you can just stay calm and not stress out

  4. I turned in my notebook and wrote out my monologue, but I had no time to memorize it. Our group also had little time to rehearse so I chose not to perform. It was fun seeing everyone else perform though, they all did a great job!

  5. Although the monologue project was nerve recking I was glad to see how much I have imporved since the first time i was on stage

  6. This was super helpful. It gave a great overview for the last couple of weeks. These should be displayed at the beginning of the week or so to prepare students for the weeks to come!

  7. We are so close to the end! I can’t believe it my freshman year is totally gone by now, I really enjoyed taking theater and though sometimes I wished it was easier in the end I really did like it and the opportunities it gave me to get over my “stage fright” and I met so many new people that I now consider friends.

  8. This last project i have to admit is not my favorite, but in the end I think i’m going to like that i get to speak my mind. I perform next tuesday so i’m kind of scared i really hope i don’t cry on stage!

  9. I had fun doing this monologue it was hard and scary at first, but now that its our final i know i must push myself to do a great job.

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