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images-1 So how did we do this year? Did you learn anything? Is the teacher mean? Do you have to do homework? Is this website even any good? We want to know!

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  1. This year was a success, there were many enjoyable plays this year! We also had a talent show and it was awesome! In theater class we had a lot of different in class performance and believe me it was really cool! The teacher is definetly not mean, she is very helpful and will help you with anything!!

  2. As my first year of theater , it was a fun experience, I have a lot less stage fright now. I learned how to have fun on stage instead of being nervous. I don’t think the teacher is mean, she’s actually one of my favorite teachers because she is positive & I like how she doesn’t complain about her job as being a teacher, it seems like she loves her job, so I find it comfortable to be in this class & it’s easier to focus in this class. There’s also no homework in this class, so I bet that lifts weight off people’s shoulders. I find this website interesting and very useful.

  3. Later on in theater you have to take a quiz to see if you could remember everyone name its fun because if you know everyone you could get along with your fellow class mates.

  4. In theater there is no homework at all that’s its the best part of theater.

  5. Mrs rillingale is a serious teacher she wants you to always do your work and have everything in your noteboook and follow instructions

  6. Mrs rillingale is a serious teacher she wants you to always do your work and have everything in your noteboook.

  7. The best way how you could remember your your lines is by recording your lines in your phone and hear the recording.

    • I agree with Sergio, I’ve never tried that but that sounds like a brilliant idea to record your lines to memorize them. The more you hear something the more you memorize it, like a song.

  8. The video that I like that ms rillingale show us was the LXD. I like how the guys move around and the stunts they do were amazing also the way they fight is by dancing. It was amazing how they could pull out those stunts.

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