Surveys are in and so are we!

Thanks to all my students who took our surveys about their experiences taking the theatre class this year.

To statisticians and nit-pickers: please note I didn’t have 100% participation. Many students had internet access issues–most kids took this on their cell phones in our classroom where reception can by dicey. Too, we were in the middle of senior finals and one class didn’t even get to participate due to scheduling.

Regardless, we offer these results in good faith and intend no misrepresentation. And while it’s a bit scary to post these comments and results [warts and all!], here they are:

What’s the teacher/class like?

I started the survey with the question: Please check all that apply: Rillingale…

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Getting to know you

I think getting to know people’s names in important. So too do my students. Here’s what they said about the question: Getting to know everyone’s name in the beginning of the year is…

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Should I take the class?

The majority of students all enjoyed the class and gave it two thumbs up. Below are  comments students made in regards to the question: Would you recommend this class? Why or why not? Be honest here…remember, it’s anonymous.

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  1. If you are deciding to take theater for a class next year, I will say that its a good idea! Theater is so much fun! I can’t imagine my year without theater! Its a fun way to interact with others!

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