Vote for Your Favorite DRAMA Rules Poster

You all made some incredible posters last week. Your goal is to decide which one is the best. Please vote your choice by commenting on them below.

The process

  • Click on through poster
  • Decide which one is the coolest
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to comment section
  • Remember to write your name as your first name and first letter of your last name and period number: LisaA1 or Josh5 or AdrianS3
  • Tell us your email address
  • Remember your audience etiquette and comment properly, yet fully. You need one reason why you selected your poster
  • We can excuse one typo/spelling error, but any more and your comment won’t be approved.
  • Your comment will be approved ASAP.

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84 replies

  1. I liked poster #3 because it’s incredibly colorful.

  2. I like poster #5 because of its use of different shapes and patterns.

  3. I liked #6 because the colors make it appealing to the eye.

  4. I like poster #2 because i like the big picture in the middle with the masks.

  5. I like poster #3 because the large letters, coloring, and design really catch your attention.

  6. Hi! I like poster number #3 because it’s has the dog “Jake” from adventure time.

  7. I like Poster #9 because of the way they were creative with the color scheme. 🙂

  8. I like poster #3 because the quote tells its okay suck at the beginning and that its just one step to becoming better.

  9. I like poster #3 because it really captures the meaning on proper theatre etiquette and it has Jake the dog from Adventure Time.

  10. I like poster #6 because it is very nice decorated and seems like alot of effort was put in to it.

  11. I really liked poster #9 because its really nice and colorful, not only that but the person who did it put a lot of creativity in it with the glitter and the nice drawings which explain all the drama rules so well.

  12. I like poster number 3 because it looks like it took dedication and it has a lot of creativity.

  13. I highly approve of poster number 2 to the extent that it’s use of color illustration with the masks, lights, and curtains gives a vivid image and allows an eye opener to draw attention to the viewer.

  14. I like number 6 the best because it shows all the DRAMA rules and uses color to catch the reader’s attention.

  15. I like number 9 because of all the different colors and how they filled out the hole page. I also like the different drawings they have representing the theater.

  16. I like Number 3 because the quote is amazing and it also demonstrates what D-R-A-M-A means in the theatre.

  17. I prefer poster 9 because the colors and pictures have great detail and are illustrated very well.

  18. I like poster #3 because I agree with the quote. You might not be very good at first, but you have to try anyway.

  19. I like #9 because it is colorful and it shows all the rules

  20. I really like Poster 3 because it shows not only all the D-R-A-M-A rules but also shows the person’s own creativity and fun personality ! Great Job !! (:

  21. I vote for poster #4 because of the border they drew, and because of their drawn example.

  22. Victorf5 I like number 4 because it alot of creatively, add especially with film and curtain. Really nice

  23. I like poster number 5 because of the way the lettering is, it makes it look flowy

  24. I like poster #3 because it took dedication and hard work

  25. I liked number 6 because it had a different art style than the others. Plus it also showed the D-R-A-M-A rules as well.

  26. I like poster #9 because they added a lot more details and it bright and colorful. 🙂

  27. I like poster #3 because of the cartoon on it and the quote is true

  28. I argree on the third one because it’s not easy when you do it on first time. The more mistakes, the better you would be. . .

  29. I like poster #9 because it has a lot of creativity, it’s very colorful, and it definitely shows the definitions of the acronym drama. Brilliant!

  30. I like poster 9 the most because there it is not too simple, there is a lot going on. There is a drawing for each rule, representing what it means and the rules are written clearly.

  31. I like poster number 4 because it has all the DRAMA rules and it has a lot of good creative drawing.

  32. I like poster #1 insofar as the color contrast between the blue and a mint-ish green. Also, the green on the bottom, in a way, looks like an audience. In addition, I also like how not only do the blue curtains in the drawing mirror those in the Theater, but how the person wrote “Don’t Touch The Curtains!” on the curtain. I thought it was creative!

  33. I like poster number 3 because it uses bright colors to catch the audiences attention.

  34. I really find poster #3 interesting because it gives full information on how to not be afraid about sucking at something and to Always Try.

  35. I really liked poster #3 because I think it describes the Drama Rules really well and I love the drawing. 😄

  36. I like poster #1 because it fully describes the acronym D-R-A-M-A and it is very neat and artsy.

  37. I vote #6 because they had made a game to help explain D-R-A-M-A in a more fun way.

  38. I like poster number 4 because its very detailed, whoever made it did a great job on the details as well as expressing the theatre rules!

  39. I like poster # 2 because of the color used in it and how well organized it looks.

  40. Poster #3 is the coolest poster in my opinion because, it demonstrates the key components needed for a theatre poster. For instance, it has the acronym d.r.a.m.a. where you can see it and it explains what each letter in the word means.

  41. I like poster #9 because it is really colorful and explains all of the drama rules really well.

  42. I liked #2 because of the nice drawings and the solid representation of the rules , nice and simple.

  43. I Chose number 9 since the poster was creatively drawn. The use of many colors really draws the attention of the people , so it can easily be seen and read.

  44. I like number 9 because this poster looks very amazing colorful and add more images! I love it!

  45. I like poster #9 because it really pops out to me and i like how it is displayed

  46. I like poster #4 because it is colorful and it has a lot of detail. Really nice

  47. I really enjoys poster number 9 because it has pictures for every rule and has alot of colors that stand out 😍

  48. In my opinion number6 is the best because the design is interesting and really cool. I like the way the poster has lines that look like slime and I really like the colors.

  49. I enjoyed poster number 3 because of the colors, rules And drawing. It described the theater very well

  50. My favorite poster was #6 because it was very creative, colorful, and I like the masks in the background.

  51. The first poster is very aesthetically pleasing with its cool pallet of color schemes, green and blue. The text is very neat and the content is clear. It has a unique format of how the words are written out. I really love it though because is reminds you to not touch the curtains.

  52. Number 5! I like it because it portrays theatre with curtains and a stage.

  53. I like poster #7 because it looks sinple but it is nice and describes theatre ettiquette well

  54. I like #3 the most because its colorful and I like the details.

  55. I vote for the poster that has the green colored curtains because it really captures my attention more than any other on the page.

  56. I like poster 6 because the bright colors really Make it pop

  57. Number 6 is a very nice poster. It’s also very creative.

  58. I think I like poster #9 the best because it used the most colors which results in it being more attractive than its competition

  59. I like poster #3 because the quote is inspirational while also being funny, and the drawing just adds onto the effect 😎🐳

  60. I vote for number 2 because it shows what D-R-A-M-A means

  61. I vote for number 4 because it shows what D-R-A-M-A really means.

  62. i like poster #2 because the picture shows to respect others.

  63. i really like #6 because i like the idea using a game to explain D-R-A-M-A

  64. I really like number four, because it neatly describes the rules of DRAMA.

  65. I like #6 because the border is very detailed and it gets the message across.

  66. I choose #3 because it shows creativity and descriptive about drama and really uses multiple colors.

  67. i like poster number 6 because of its color choice, style and of its creativity

  68. I like number 4 because it looks like they put a lot of effort into it.

  69. I really like poster #9 because it describes the drama rules well and is very colorful.

  70. Poster Number 3, because it shows humor, creativity, lots of color, pictures, and neatly well done.

  71. Poster #5 is my favorite because I like how the curtains take up the whole poster and the audience members are showing what not to do in the Theatre.

  72. I really like poster #4 because the person was creative on the setup!

  73. I really like poster #9 because i think it illustrates what and what not to do really well.

  74. I like poster 3 because it really caught my eye how its well organized and how it has sense of humor

  75. Poster number 6 was very classical looking, i liked it because it reminded me of phantom of the opera. The writing looked very victorian style. I give it alot of creativity and originality. Good job to the person who made it! Mostly to everyone!

  76. I appreciate poster 3 because of the quite applying to keep on trying.

  77. The poster that caught my eye the most was poster #1 because they wrote down what each letter of DRAMA means and I love the colors that are in it and how it made the poster look !

  78. I liked number 3 because it showed us all of the drama rules and it had a nice picture with captions.

  79. I chose poster # because it is eye catching. I believe it give the perfect definitions of the acronym drama (

  80. I prefer poster 3 amongst the others because it has humor and a variety of colors.

  81. Poster #3 looks awesome the way it’s detailed

  82. I like the 3rd one because it has Jake the Dog from Adventure Time and is very inspirational.

  83. I like poster number 6, because of it’s use of graffiti kind of art style. And the colors this person picked are really nice together.

  84. I like the 3rd one because the quote Jake the Dog says is very insightful. :))))

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