New High School Theatre Arts Core Standards

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.25.11 AMWhat an exciting time to be a theatre teacher! The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards has launched a public review of high school arts standards. I just finished reading the theatre standards, and they completely rock. Lots of exciting changes in the future:

  • We get more performance standards: Proficient, Accomplished & Advanced
  • We address both the Product of theatre as well as the Process of getting/doing  it
  •  We will teach these four artistic processes of Creating, Performing, Responding & Connecting

Probably the best part for me is the scope & sequence of the standards is robust enough for the professionals using them [i.e. me and other theatre teachers…] but comprehensible to parents/school board members/principals who wonder what a kid will learn in a theatre course.

I have uploaded the standards here and have highlighted/underlined things that particularly grabbed my attention. This is a draft only, so when they are officially released, join us for a party!

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