NSHS Students Lip Sync For Their Life

keep_calm_and_lip_sync_for_your_life_png_posters-r4991aa9d82894feb99a9e4b16ee3e909_wvk_8byvr_512Who likes to sing in the shower? Who likes to sing along in the car? Yet who really shouldn’t sing in public? While lip syncing should never be a life or death matter, if you answered yes to those questions, then this project is for you! Some benefits of learning to lip sync include:

  • Learning to move to the music without having to learn to dance
  • Experiencing musical theatre without having to be a [good] singer
  • Learning to make appropriate facial expressions fearlessly
  • Discovering the fine art of synchronization
  • Learning to find a theme and decipher a storyline
  • Pulling various theatrical elements together for a full-scale performance

This lip sync project is our final for first semester. Periods 1, 3 & 5 will perform on Tuesday, December 10th, and periods 2 & 6 will perform Wednesday, December 11th. Notebooks are due as well.

What type of song? Pick a song you absolutely love. You will eat, breathe and sleep this song for the next few weeks. If you have any doubts about this song, don’t select it. Once you have your song, don’t change it.

Pick a song that won’t be offensive to your audience and is in line with our school’s code of conduct. Think talent show. Lots of little kids, grandmas, and church pastors attend talent shows. So, avoid songs with ANY cussing at all, and explicit drug/sex references. Of course, RuPaul can get away with it because she’s fierce and she’s an adult…

Pick a song from musicals and automatically receive an extra 50 points. This is a theatre class, after all. Think Grease, Legally Blonde, Little Shop of Horrors, anything from Glee or Smash. Of course all songs must be approved by Rillingale.

How many performers? No more than 5. Honestly, more than 5 group members makes song selection a real challenge! Make the song match the number of people in your team. Solo acts can’t be done by five performers…And yes, you can do a solo act.

Because you get to select your own team, you will not be allowed to kick ‘em out. Live with your choices/friends. Remember the drama of Junk Yard Drill Team? Smaller groups is the key here.

Gender bending, or taking on a character of the opposite sex is a fun way to make all songs accessible to everyone. Sell it. Make it work. Hair and makeup is must if you’re gender bending.

What’s the song about? You must absolutely know what every word/metaphor/idea of this song means. You can’t sing what you don’t understand. Yes, I will ask you what all your words mean. If you are too embarrassed to tell, you shouldn’t select the song.

Some songs may not have an obvious plot. Rap songs often are just a list of brand names. While it may be a little harder to figure out what the lyricist is trying to say, most of the time it’s possible. You’re all smart—you can do it.

So make it clear to us with movement and attitude what your song means. Can’t dance? No problem, find some unison activities and offer cool breakout opportunities for your good movers. Not everyone has to be a dancing fool for this project.

Remember your levels and decide when you are moving together and when you are moving as individuals. Under no circumstances are you to serve as backup singers, merely swaying to the beat. You will fail the project.

How do we look the part? Create interesting stage pictures—remember all our work with tableaux this year. Ensure that everyone can be seen at all times. Create energetic, unique, and interesting characters. Appropriate costumes are mandatory—but make it simple: everyone wears a white shirt and black pants, for example.

Got standards? This project works these CA Theatre Arts Standards: Artistic Perception 1.1; Creative Expression 2.1, 2.3; Aesthetic Valuing 4.2; Connections, Relationships, Applications 5.2

So what’s your song?

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