Old Age Makeup Top Picks

We have some talented stage makeup designers here at North High! Below, check out some pix of what some theatre students may look like when they are 95.

Some are photographed with their designers. Some need to work a week bit more on blending. All get the basics and  worked well with their models.

We’re wondering: What was the most difficult challenge during this makeup unit and why? Leave us your answer below. Complete sentences and perfect punctuation/grammar = a must. 

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  1. The most difficult part of this unit was blending the shadow, because I was always blending too much or not enough.

  2. In my opinion, the most difficult part of this unit was the highlighting and the blending portion. the highlighting part because you had to know where to highlight and make sure your lines aren’t to thick. The blending part because you not only had to blend a lot but also make sure you don’t over do it.

  3. A challenge that I faced during old age make up is trying not to make the shadow line too thick, and trying to keep a steady hand because I would get nervous about messing up and my hand would shake a little. But I really liked being the one to put on the make up even though it can be kind of hard applying the shadows. My favorite part was blending.

  4. I think the biggest challenge was applying the highlight because it was hard to get thin lines and because of how white it was.

  5. During our makeup unit the most difficult challenge was blending he makeup. I would either blend to much or not enough. I could never really get it just right.

  6. I think one of the main challenges I faced while the make-up unit was trying to put the hightlight in the right place n trying not to make both the shadows n highlights blend in with the foundation. Rather than that it was a great experience.

  7. The most difficult part of the old age make up was the blending that and I only had one day to practices the make up so practice does help.

  8. The most difficult thing about this unit was making sure you didnt hurt your partner while putting make up on them. But it got easier as the day past. But it was difficult because you had to put make up on in a certain amount of time. But when you do it the first time it was very simple to put it all on before time ran out and not hurt your partner.

  9. In my opinion the most difficult part about the old make-up unit was blending. It was already a challenge placing the highlights and shadows. Blending it all together was definitely no picnic. It was easier said than done!

  10. I think the most challenging thing about the make-up unit was blending the highlights because you needed to make sure you left no brush strokes but because the make-up was so light you could see it easier then the rest.

  11. The most challenging part of applying old age makeup was knowing how much to blend and where highlights were supposed to be applied.

  12. In my opinion the blending was the most difficult part I either blended to much or too less so it was hard to get the right spot

  13. The hardest part was blending because if you blended too much the make up you applied would disappear and look like you didn’t do anything.

  14. The most difficult part of this unit would have to be the blending. I had a hard time doing this because sometimes i would blend too much. By the third time of doing it i kind of got the hang of it. Applying highlights were also a bit difficult because, sometimes you added to much so then you had a big huge white line. Even though it was a bit difficult it was fun. Its always nice to have a challenge.

  15. I think the most difficult task to do during the makeup unit was blending the shadow and highlights. We got practice, but the blending was never exactly perfect. The first time, I blended too much and then afterwards I did not blend enough. I suggest Mrs.Rillingale to explain a bit more or show an example on how to correctly blend both the shadow and highlight. It would help us become better makeup artists.

  16. I think that the most challenging part about old age make-up is knowing where to apply the highlights. I had a difficult time trying to make the highlights blend in with the foundation. I hope to get the chance to practice this activity again as I learned more about how to use the highlights.

  17. The most difficult challenge of this unit was finding exactly where to place the temple and check hollow shadows. It’s hard to see where they are, and some people don’t have them. Blending the cheek hollows were also difficult because there’s a lot to blend.

  18. The most difficult part of this makeup unit was blending in your highlights, because it always felt like there was room for perfection.

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