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IMG_3872It’s that time of the year where students get to select their schedules for next year. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Students wonder: What if I don’t like the class? What really happens in that class? What if the teacher is mean? Yet they have to decide on one year-long Visual or Performing Arts [VAPA] class in order to graduate.

Now, likewise, VAPA course teachers like myself wonder: will enough students sign up for my class? How do I let them know that theatre isn’t all just about acting?

To solve this dilemma, the teachers in the Visual and Performing Arts Department [VAPA] have teamed up with the teachers in the Physical Education Department. The PE teachers give up one valuable day of instruction [thanks, you guys!] to allow their students to see what goes down in the various VAPA classes. We work with the PE department because we know we can hit the majority of the underclassmen. I need to offer a shout-out to our super-supportive administration who allowed us to do this all-day activity. 

Students escort PE teachers and their classes to see the VAPA courses that are offered here at North High. Each period, we cycle through four PE classes and present a student-centered program of what happens in our respective VAPA classes.

21 students were involved in creating scripts, rehearsing, directing, stage managing, escorting, MCing, and teching for our Theatre Arts course performance. We put on 15 shows in four class periods.

While we were all tired by the end of sixth period, we find that spending this day is a great way to reach students to assure them that theatre is not all about acting. By allowing students to see highlights of what happens in our class, they are better prepared to make an appropriate elective selection for the Visual and Fine Arts that they need to graduate. And it lets us in the theatre use those CA Theatre Arts standards to rehearse and perform a show for our peers!

Below, check out some of our pictures of our event! Cathy, our resident photographer, did a smashing job. Thanks, fantastic pix taker! She’s going to study film next year, and you can easily see why.

Now, these are just a few of our pictures. Check out our Flickr page for more.

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What else should we do to advertise our classes? Any suggestions? Please leave us your thoughts.

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  1. Another way you can promote theater is by having funny scenes during lunch time or theater games to get people involve.

  2. Other ways you can advertise for theatre is by making a short film and showing it in the morning bulletin. Also, by making short skits and performing them during lunch or rallies.

  3. One way to promote the theatre class is by doing some acts during lunch, or going to the other class rooms. Do a few acts or show and tell them what we do in theatre.

  4. A way to advertise theatre would be to have a small play during lunch about why people should take theatre or make videos and have them played during the announcements in the morning during first period.

  5. One really cool way to promote the theatre class is maybe doing some scenes during the lunch hour.

  6. One way to advertise is do small production in the morning or durring lunch, especially durring the school rallys. It should be about what theatre is, a few reasons why students should take theatre. It would be awsome to see that durring lunch!

  7. One way to advertise more would be lunch productions? Maybe outside on the stage, that’s the heart of lunch and You’d have a really big audience. Another thing would be flashy and artistic posters! You could also try doing a little skit over the loud speaker in the morning.

  8. Never mind on the last comment we should advertise like how Nike advertises and be like” just do it”

  9. Other ways to advertise theatre would be to make a play for an audience of students. The play should be about what goes on in theatre, such as make up, movie making, acting, etc. For this to work, the play would need to portray the fun and exciting moments that can happen in theatre.

  10. Other ways that you can advertise theatre class is too have more productions if possible. If not, having lunch open mic’s would be a cool way for more people to be involved which could then lead to them wanting to take theatre class.

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