Because I Said I Would

Here in the theatre we are busy learning how to make films when I came across this one as a rocking example of using your film for good. We viewed it in class and then crafted our own promise of one small, yet specific thing we would do for someone else before the end of the 2013/14 school year.

Promises were all over the map as some students promised:

  • take grandma to the movies
  • cook a meal once a week
  • clean the kitchen and bathroom on Saturdays
  • walk a relative’s dog once a week
  • teach a sibling to play ball

because i said i wouldWhile keeping promises is nothing extraordinary Alex Sheen certainly is. He launched Because I Said I Would, a “social movement and nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering humanity through the power of a promise,” and has been helping others keep promises that honor everyone. You can read about this rock star of an advocate here.

January is now over and have you kept up on those New Year’s resolutions? Chances are if you are like most people, you haven’t. But it’s not too late to commit to a small specific promise to help someone else.

So tell us:

What small specific thing you will do before the end of the school year? Let us know what it is and be sure to report back to us when you did it. Go ahead, make someone’s day!

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  1. I promised to help my parents financially by spending less. During my sophomore year in high school I was given a credit card for food. But lately I’ve been going out to much to eat at nice places. I promise to leave my credit card at home often so I spend less.

  2. I promised to help my little brother with his math homework for the first time. To make it happen, I will set an alarm clock so it can remind me to help him 4 times a week for an hour.

  3. I promised to go to my grandparents house every other week and help my grandma clean her house, because she’s reaching the age where she needs help for everything.

  4. I made a promise to call or visit my brother more often.

  5. I promised to read to my nieces and nephew on the weekends.

  6. I promised to cook a dinner for my friends and family.

  7. I made a promise to read a magazine to an elderly women where i volunteer at.

  8. I have made a promise to call the SPCA of Monterey County every time I see a hurt or stray dog or cat. I think this is helpful because it could just be lost and missing its family or be a good animal with a future family of its own.

  9. I promise to take my grandma to the movies and pay for everything.

  10. I promise to keep helping special needs kids stay active for the rest of the year.

  11. I promised to help my aunt out with her daycare during spring break. I like to help get the kids ready for kindergarden or preschool because teaching is fun and rewarding.

  12. After watching this video I promised to make a meal for my family because I do not how to cook and i want to learn how. Also, because i want to surprise them and prove the that I can do anything if i set my mind to.

  13. One thing I promised to do in the near future is to bake a cake for someone’s birthday, either a family or a friend. I chose this because I enjoy baking and doing something generous for someone is it’s own gift.

  14. I promised to wash my grandparents dog every 2 weeks.

  15. My promise was to have over a hundred community service hours by the end of the school year. I only have 40 hours and have a long way to go.

  16. One of the things I promised n hope to accomplish by the end of the school year is to donate blood.

  17. I promised to make sure non of my friends or family feel alone when things get rough.

  18. One thing i promised i would do once a month is to cook dinner for my family, and well last night i made my family homemade pizza. My parents proud of me because they didnt know that i knew how to cook and they didnt expect me to cook. It made me happy that i was able to make a meal for my family. I promise to make dinner for my family once a month. (:

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