2 Reasons to Take Theatre at NSHS

UnknownRecently I asked my current theatre students why they chose theatre for their Fine Arts elective:

“Theatre is flipping amazing!”

“There is never a dull moment in class–everyday is different” 

Below, find a couple more reasons why theatre was a good fit for them. 

Reason #1: We use theatre skills all the time

Teachers always hope their material is relevant: will my students use this in real life? Will it apply past the test, project or performance? Students  also assess material, sorting it into two categories: life or school. Theatre skills can often be put in both. Navigating tricky interpersonal relationships can be a daily ordeal. Harnessing theatre skills to assist with job and scholarship interviews can help seal the deal. What the business world might call these soft skills, we call these essential people skills to hone and make our own.

Students write

“Another reason is that most of the things we learn in class are actually useful in life.”

“…you learn valuable communication skills that can be applied into other aspects of life, such as interviews…”

“…it helps you communicate with people and prepares you [for] jobs interviews…”

“Theater made me less shy and helped me get an A on my mock interviews.”

“…you also develop a lot of social skills that you can use outside of class, which prove to be really helpful.”

Reason #2 : We learn to play well with others

We get to collaborate with every single person in class. By the end of the first month, we know everyone’s names, because you can’t work with someone if you are still calling them, “Hey, you!” in April.  When I am not being lazy, we change up our seats once a week so we get to work with different partners.

Really, not knowing the names of everyone in your class is a crime. Of course, we don’t have to like everyone, but we do have to work with everyone. Like family—we don’t have to adore Uncle Jack, but we do have to be exceedingly polite to him while seated at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Students report

“…you get to know everyone in your class [and] at the end of the year we end up all being best friends!”

“…everyone in class is your friend and they all know your name.”

Talk to us!

How has theatre helped you in real life? Tell us one way you have used an essential theatre skill in another class or real life situation.

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  1. Theatre helps with many of the life skills that you truly don’t get in other classes, better said, it expands on what you kind of already know. I learned to use my humor around people after being on stage, I learned that its really easy to be funny without even trying. It got me to open up differently to people that used to intimidate me. My presentation skills have increased ever since I joined theatre and I think that everyone should try it, its a guaranteed win!!

  2. Learning how to slate in front of the entire theatre class has helped become comfortable when introducing myself to others. For example, recently during my group mock interview, I was able to look at everybody in the eye, sit up straight, and introduce myself without being nervous.

  3. I would recommend theatre just because it helped me over-come stage freight and build up my confidence more to other people. Also, it’s a really fun class to take and you’ll create fun memories throughout every activity you do.

  4. One way theartre has helped me in real life was get over my stage fright. It really helped me because when I have a presentation I’m not scared to be in front of the class room.

  5. Theatre has helped me by being more comfortable in front of people. This has helped me in the real life and in other classes because I am not shy to talk to people or be in front of a class anymore. You should take theatre because you will not only build confidence and public speaking skills but because it’s really fun!

  6. Theater has helped me in many ways. Theater had helped me break out of my shell. I’m not afraid to speak out in front of people. I used to get really nervous, but now I’m not!

  7. Theatre actually has helped me in real life. It’s made me more confident and outspoken. After I’ve taken theatre, I’m not afraid to call out answers during class or speak in front of large groups which helps a lot in many social situations.

  8. Theater is a really fun class to have. You get to do a lot of fun stuff like make films, do some acting and do some awsome tableauxs it’s really a fun class to have, and it really helps you with your shyness and you can make some friends along the way it’s a fun class to have.

  9. Theatre has really helped me come out of my shell and be more outgoing. I’ve made a lot of friends and learned a lot about the theatre. I recommend this class to everybody it’s really fun and helps with your public speaking skills!

  10. In theatre we learned about how to get a message across in a short film. At the same time of our film-making process in theatre, I was assigned to make a film for Japanese class. I applied editing tips and different angles we learned in theatre. I was able to get a good grade for my Theatre and Japanese film.

  11. Theatre has helped me in real life by allowing me to be more comfortable talking to other people. It has also helped me learn how to be creative and re-vamp used things.

  12. Theatre has helped me get out of my comfort zone and be more open towards challenges. Now, I find myself more at ease when I do class presentations and work in groups; whereas, in the past I couldn’t even stand in front of the classroom without feeling like I was about to die and I couldn’t look straight into peoples’ eyes. I am a lot more confident now and, as a result, my social and public speaking skills have improved a lot.

  13. Theatre class has helped me with my problem of shaking or moving when presenting a presentation. It gave me great techniques when presenting something in front of an audience or class.

  14. Theatre has helped me with my speaking skills overall. Talking to people one-on-one as well as big groups of people comes naturally now. I think everyone should take theatre, talking to people is a life lesson and this is one way it is taught.

  15. Theatre has helped me by building up my confidence. I’m able to talk to more people now more comfortably. Doing the notebook has taught me how to be more organized too. Now my room is more organized because of how I organized my notebook.

  16. Theatre has allowed me to try something outside of my comfort zone, thus providing me a chance to adapt to the challenge and grow into a better person. I also found out that doing presentations in my other classes and working in groups became easier after a semester of theatre which I would accredit to the various collaborative activities we did in the class such as the Junk Yard Drill Team project and the Lip Sync project.

  17. Theatre has helped me in real life by giving me the confidence to talk in front of a class. Also, it has made me less of afraid of speaking to people I don’t normally speak to and because of that I have made more friends.

  18. Theatre at North High has helped me be able to interact with others. It also helped me being able to talk with others with confidence. Slating can help you in many classes when you are doing a presentation or something involved with being in front of others.

  19. Taking theatre helped me be a lot more interactive with others. I use it in real life situations when I have conversations with people I don’t really know.

  20. Theatre has helped me build my confidence. With a stronger confidence, I was able to get an A on my mock interview. Theatre has also helped me better my social skills and overcome my stage freight.

  21. Theatre has helped me in my life by opening new gates of knowledge and discipline inside and outside the theatre such as theatre etiquette. It has also enhanced my public speaking skills. I recommend theatre because it will change your life!

  22. Theater has helped me because I talk around more people now. And it’s a fun class because it’s not an ordinary one.

  23. Theatre has helped me by giving me more confidence to speak to other people, and a example of me speaking to people is during my mock interview I had to slate and talk about myself which can be very troublesome with little confidence.

  24. 1: you could take films
    2: you could put some makeup on them
    3: we play some games in are class
    4: you can lip sing

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