Duck Tape Stuck @ Prom NSHS Sponsorship Competition

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.45.20 AMWant to win $5000 for college? Are you crafty but don’t have a ton of cash? Duck Tape Stuck at Prom has offered scholarships for students for the past 13 years. So what do you have to do? Wear a stunning outfit to your high school prom comprised of duct tape. While we theatre types adore a DIY nature, we aren’t in love with the amount of cash it takes to create a winning ensemble.

So let us help you! Consider entering our first annual NSHS Stuck @ Prom Duck Tape Sponsorship Competition.  The NSHS Theatre department and Leadership class has teamed up to offer 20 rolls of duct tape to help you reach your chance of a $5000 scholarship for college.  Where are we getting all this tape? We will be hounding our colleagues to donate one roll of tape each—the more rolls we get, the more design teams we can sponsor.

While the Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Competition is open to any high school students, the NSHS Sponsorship Competition is only open to North Salinas high school students. So if you’re a student at NSHS, here’s what you will need to do to compete:

  • Design an outfit to wear to prom
    • Your design can be for a single person, or a couple
    • Your design must include an accessory [purse, corsage, jewelry, etc.]
    • The design needs to be clear enough so we can see what the dress/outfit will look like on YOUR body. [No stick figures…]
    • You may use any medium to help your design come to life—computer, drawing, pen & ink, paint, etc.
    • Make your design big enough to fit on an 8½  X 11” standard piece of printer paper
    • Your design must be in color
    • Include a swatch or picture of the types of duct tape designs you plan to use
  • Submit your design to the theatre by February 28th 
    • A panel of judges comprised of NSHS faculty and students will select the winner
    • If necessary, Rillingale will serve as a tie breaker
    • Winners will be notified the following week
  • If/when you are selected, you must
    • Sign a commitment form to execute your design
    • Follow the rules of the contest [official rules go up March 10th, 2014]
    • Sign up on the website to compete [you must be at least 14 and get parental consent]
  • Construct your prom outfit
    • Most take between 200 – 300 hours to complete
    • This labor of love is for all types of crafty and fashion-forward students
    • Youtube has oodles of videos on how to construct your costumes and accessories
  • Go to prom in your design
    • Nope, we won’t buy your tickets
    • You must be cleared to go to Prom—all the regular school rules apply
    • Be photographed by the official photographer 
  • Don’t be a quitter
    • If you are unable to complete your design, all unused duck tape rolls must be returned and used ones must be reimbursed. That means you pay us back for the ones you used…

What makes a winning entry?

What was your favorite contender from last year? 2013 winners from the Duck Tape Stuck at Prom competition are here. Provide a link to your winner and three reasons why it’s so super. Writing that “it’s pretty,” or “I love it” won’t cut it. Be specific–go for the detail.

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  1. My favorite was enter #358
    This couple did a great job with the colors and the butterflies. The black truly gives the blue a great effect as well as giving off that tropical feel with the green touch ups. The girls dress has some authentic design and obviously took them a while to get just right.

  2., is my favorite because the use of red, gold, and black on the corset made it look royal. Also, the idea of the ruffles going from the knees to the heel is brilliant because it doesn’t show too much skin.Lastly, the male’s tuxedo is very unique and doesn’t bring out too much attention ( no girl likes it when her date looks flashier than her)!

  3. My favorite contender was josh and Liz because i love long dresses. She knew how to use the colors all together really well and the red on the top caught my attention. Her dress actually looked like a normal dress and not duck tape so that made me like it even more because she won’t look ridiculous going to prom in duck tape. Lastly, the strapless was my favorite part because that’s my style. The link is

  4. I really like thisone. because the colors are pretty and it looks sassy. The pose shows attitude.

  5. My favorite one is entry #1010 (Josh and Liz). The outfits are amazing. The colors that were used blend very well together. I also love the way she designed the back of her dress to have those straps.

  6. My favorite contender from last years competition was the number one winners. The reason i liked them so much was because the girls dress was mostly red and black. I also liked their duck tape outfits because they look like something you can actually wear to prom. The link to their costume is:

  7. My favorite duck tape outfit was #1010.
    I liked how they created the dress to have colors that blended into each other really well. It was done with a lot of talent because you couldn’t tell where the first color ended and the second one began.

  8. My favorite duck tape prom dress was #734
    This dress was my favorite because it looks really natural. It also looks like a lot of creativity was put into it. The colors they choose go well together.

  9. My favorite duck tape prom dress was #734
    This was my favorite because it looks really natural. It also looks like a lot of creativity was put into this dress. The colors they choose go well together.

  10. I really like this one.
    I like the way it fades into different colors. I can tell they put a lot of hours and hard work into this project. The dress looks real from a distance. I like how they did that dress.

  11. My favorite one was #1010 because the way the dress fades into different colors and i like how all the colors looked with black tux

  12. My favorite prom dress is this one because I really like how she had layered different colors in the bottom. It looks like an actual dress you’d buy at a Macy’s. I also like how it’s long and the way it’s cut out in the back. Very cute!

  13. My favorite duck tape prom outfit was #1010
    I really like the way she put all the colors on the dress fading into eachother and the way the men’s jacket was made into the same color was perfect!

  14. I think the contender that I like the most is entry#: 1010. Even though this is a dress that I wouldn’t necessarily wear, I really loved the colors and how they blended together. In addition, I liked the design that the dress had in the back and the purse the went with the outfit. I also really enjoyed how the design of the dress continued onto the guy’s outfit. In my opinion this contender had the highest level of creativity because of how they managed to blend the colors perfectly.

  15. #1010 was my favorite, because of the bright colors and by how well she placed them on her dress. I also am surprised of how well she used the same color to make a suit for her date.

  16. My favorite entry is #643 I love the colors used. The dress is unique because it is a high-low cut and I loved that the male didn’t have a traditional suit!

  17. I think the one I like the most, though it was a very tough decision, was Entry #: 1010 The rippling effect that the colors of the woman’s dress created was really beautiful. The fact that the dress matched the guy’s vest was pretty cool and added to their collaborative designs. Not to mention that the woman’s purse and the guy’s rose were pretty realistic and creative.

  18. My favorite is entry #1010 is because the colors on the female’s dress are spectacular and the accessory match with the dress. I also like the male’s suit which goes very well with the dress.

  19. My favorite contender was entry #: 643 . I loved the way they used a lot of little curly pieces of tape to make the bottom part of the dress and the detail on the top part was a fantastically detailed design on the torso of the girl and the guy’s tie was great plus the car in the back was cool.

  20. My favorite contender was entry #: 643 . I like how they used a lot of little pieces of tape to make the sharp detailed designs on the torso of the girl and the guy’s tie. I also thought the curly bottom part of her dress was unique and very creative.

  21. There are so many really nice ones that it makes it a bit hard to decide on my favorite. One of which I really liked was the way that the colors blend together is just amazing. It must have taken so long to perfect it. Another one I liked was because of the curls at the bottom. Good job to all the people who took time to make their prom gowns out of duct tape!

  22. , is my favorite because the females dress is spectacular and the blend of colors is just a “must see” , its incredibly creative and it seems like it took a long time to create that dress. However, the males tuxedo is not as sharp but overall my favorite!

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