How to Upload Your Film to Youtube

UnknownIs it done? Can we see it? Do you love it? I know we will!

Here’s what you need to do to get your film ready for our Little Theatre Sundance Screening by Wednesday, February 19th.

  • Editor: Get a Youtube account. It’s easier if you have a google account already. Once you have your account,  follow the directions for uploading a film. If I can do it, trust me, you digital natives will have no problem with the process.
  • Prepare a description of your film that includes the following:
    • The title of your film
    • The first names and initials of all the people in your team and the period you are in theatre. [Don’t include the actors in your film if they aren’t in your group.]
    • Three sentences either summarizing your film or discussing the process of making it.
    •  Here are some sentence starters:
      • Our film is about…
      • We made this film because…
      • The idea behind this film was…
      • This school project is about…
      • We learned __ while making this film because…
  • Once you have your film uploaded and described, you can decide if you want to allow people to leave comments. I recommend you only allow comments if they held for review. Find this in the default section.

You are almost done. Now hit the share button so you can send me a link to your video. Make sure you write: on the email part or I won’t get it. 

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Remember, your film must be uploaded by midnight, February 19th so we can start screening on Thursday and Friday. In class, we will vote for the best films to be screened at the Spring Talent Show scheduled for Friday, February 21st. If your team’s film is selected, you will attend for free. Yep, free.

Tell us about your film!

Describe what your film is about in no more than three sentences. Who is your intended audience? Where can we find your film? Include a link, if possible.

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  1. Our film is called “Get Your Sass to Class”. It provides tips for North High students who want to get to class on time.

  2. Our film was called “Killed by the Bell.” It was about how to avoid being late to class. It provided solutions for students who are always late to class.

  3. Our intended audience for our film was the incoming freshman. We wanted to show them some important places at North High. Unfortunately, our film is not on YouTube because the software we used wouldn’t let us post it.

  4. Our film was called “don’t freeze because of the breeze” and our film is about finding the right attire for sport events at north high and to make sure you don’t wear the wrong thing

  5. The title of our film is called “Konnichi-What?” The video is intended to recruit middle schoolers who don’t know which foreign language they should take in high school. You can find our groups video on the nshstheatre website.

  6. The title of the video is called Auditioning For Dummies, it’s about how to audition for a play at North Salinas High School. This video is intended for people who want to audition for a play but aren’t sure what is required. This is the link to the video:

  7. Our film is called “Get Your Sass to Class”. It is about how to get to class on time. I think this was an important subject many students struggle with getting to class on time because they take to long in doing what they need to do and socializing.

  8. The title of my group’s video is “Nah”. Our video is about a guy asking a girl to prom the wrong ways. We wanted to show the audience the opposites of how to ask someone to prom..

  9. The title of our film was “Leave Me Alone”, and was about bulling and what you could do to stop being bullied. The reason me and my group chose this topic was to help people that are struggling with bulling.

  10. I think our film was an amazing film that will help our audience get the job done. Our film teaches guys how to ask a girl to prom the right way. This film benefits the girls by making sure a guy asks them in a cute way, also benefits the guys to make sure they don’t screw up the big question with a ridiculous question.

    Take a look

  11. My group’s film was “The NO-NO’s to Prom Proposals”. We basically clipped some reality proposals of guys asking girls to prom that turned out to be lame, boring, over-rated and over technology. Our message is to encourage people that when you ask someone, just go big or go home.

  12. Our film is about giving advice to incoming freshmen on how to survive high school. We thought this can help freshmen by giving them tips on what we thought was needed to know about high school.

  13. My film was about seniors getting “Senioritis “. It is when seniors get lazy because it their last year of high school. They also procrastinate and stress over college applications and scholarships. My audience is towards senior because we senior are going through this and know what I’m talking about. This video is found on YouTube in the north salinas high theatre under Senioritis.

  14. Our film is about how not to try out for a basketball team. Our intended audience is people who would like to try out for a basketball team. You can also find our video on YouTube by typing in “The Do’s and Don’ts of Basketball Tryouts”.

  15. Our film was about Senioritis. Many seniors are victims to this and it can sometimes prevent seniors from participating in fun end of the year events. Our video demonstrates the different stages of Senioritis and can be found on YouTube.

  16. Our film is titled “Decisions, Decisions” and it is about how to pick your foreign language class, something incoming freshmen might have trouble with.

  17. Our film is about a not so social girl persuading two students into helping her get ready for prom. Our intended audience was any high school student. You can find our video by searching “From ma’am to glam” on youtube.

  18. Our film is titled “Let’s go clubbing”. It is about how to get involved in school clubs. It is intended for all high school students most likely freshmans, to get involved in school clubs and meet new people.

  19. My group’s film was about how to dress for an indoor game. Our intended audience was for people who overdress for games and end up begin too uncomfortable.

  20. Our film is titled “How to Dress to Impress and get the Yes”. Its about people who need help dreasing up to get a job interview but not just dressing up, but dressing up the proper way to get an automatic yes for their job.

  21. Our video was about Senioritis. The intended audience was seniors. The message was to ingrown seniors about the side effects of Senioritis, because around this time many seniors get lazy and don’t want to do anything. You can find our video on YouTube!

  22. My team’s film was about how to start on the football team. We showed workouts and stuff you can do to improve your game. You can find our film on Connor rocamora’s channel on youtube. The video is called OMAHA!

  23. The title of my film was “Are you cheering correctly or NAW?” Our film was on how to cheer correctly at a sporting event. This film was intended to get the crowed at North Salinas basketball games to cheer correctly and respectfully!

  24. Our video is about a girl transforming for prom. Our intended audience is any high school student trying to ‘glam’ themself up for prom. You can find our video on youtube just search : ‘From Ma’am to Glam’

  25. Our film is about transforming a ‘nerdy girl’ into a prom presentable persona. The intendend audience for it is high school student planning to go to prom.

  26. When ever you about to post a video on YouTube make sure your video is complete remember where you set your volume for the video because it’s different when you view it on YouTube. When our editor upload our video his volume was high so it was very load when I saw it on YouTube. So be aware on where you set your volume at.

  27. Our film is about how to get out of the “friendzone”. A lot of people experice this issue in high school. This project is about learning to work together, collaborating, and useing basic videoing/editing skills to create a unique youtube video.

  28. Our film is titled “Nah!” and it is about how not to ask someone to prom. It is intended to show methods of asking someone to prom that will most likely fail.

  29. Our film is titled “Omaha”it shows and gives ways incoming freshmen or anybody who just wants to play football on what they can do to get better and be able to start on the football team.

  30. Our video is called “saved by the bell” and we made it for the purpose to help north high students with not being late to school.

  31. Our film is called “The No No’s to Prom Proposals”. It is intended towards the guys, or girls, out there who want ideas of the ways they shouldn’t ask someone to prom because it is either already done way too much or not unique. It even gives you an idea towards the end which can probably help some of you out.

  32. Our groups film is titled “Leave Me Alone” and is about bullying. It is meant to teach North High students how to deal with a bully at school.

  33. My group’s film was called, “Decisions, Decisions.” The purpose of our video was to not only to offer an option to future students on how to choose what foreign language class to take, but also to inform the students of what types of classes are offered here at NSHS.

  34. My film was “Killed by the Bell.” My film was about how not be late to class. It provided solutions and reasons for students who are always late to class. The intended audience for our film are students who are always late to class at North Salinas High or at any school. You can find our film in YouTube.

  35. My film is about how to ask a girl to prom properly. I think this is an important subject because prom is so close to being here, why not make a video about how girls really wanna be asked. Not any lame way like social media, but something big that would make her feel special. It is called The Big Question and you can find it on YouTube

  36. My group’s film was called “Are you Cheering Correctly or NAW.” The video is about how to cheer correctly at a sporting event. Our intended audience was everybody who cheers at a sporting event and our video was pretty successful.

  37. The film that my group and I made is called “Konnichi-What?” which can be viewed in YouTube under said title. It’s purpose is to explain the many benefits of learning Japanese is high school. It is going to be used to recruit the upcoming middle school students to pick Japanese as their required foreign language.

  38. My group’s film was called ” lets go clubbing”. Its about getting freshman involved in clubs and hoe it can make an impact on their life from making friends, being more social or getting to enjoy school better.

  39. Our group’s film is named “Hall Pass”. Our film is about what NOT to do in the hallways. It’s intended audience is mostly NSHS students. You will be able to find our film on nshstheatre.

  40. Our film is about how to shoot a basketball, hence “How to Get Buckets”. Our intended audience is those who are athletic and like to play basketball. You can find out film on YouTube or by clicking

  41. Our film is about “bullying”. Bullying is a controversial topic worldwide .. especially in the United States. We created an informative film about bullying intended for the North Salinas students. You can find our film in NSHS theatre page.

  42. The video my group and I created is entitled “Konnichi-What?” Our video is about reasons for taking Japanese as a foreign language in highschool. The video is going to be used to recruite middle schoolers to choose Japanese as their foreign language.

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