NSHS Spring Talent Show Rocked the House!

I love acting as producer for our school’s talent show because we have so much darn talent! We had 16 acts for this show, including singers, dancers, guitarists, a ukelele player/singer, a twins duet, some lip syncing, and two amazing violinists. Our show was on fire! In addition, we screened two films from our class project.

We did a photo dump of the rest of our awesomeness on our Flickr account. A special shout-out and mega thanks to our event photographers, Cathy and Josh. You both rock!

Tell Us!

Which act was your absolute favorite? What was so special about it? Tell us in two sentences by clicking on the speech bubble at the top of this post right next to the date. If you didn’t see the Talent show, which photo was your favorite? Describe the photo on one sentence, and tell us in two more sentences why that photo was your favorite. You must go HERE to describe a photo–can’t use the ones on this page.

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  1. I attended the talent show, and my most favorite acts were the ones where students sang. To perform in front of a crowd takes a lot of courage, and they all did a really swell job!

  2. My favorite photo is the one with Ruben and his guitar and Ruben is making a funny face. It looks like he is having a ton of fun and that’s what the talent show is for. A talent show is great to show off a little and have fun a lot.

  3. I did not get into spring talent show however my cousins told me that it’s was really good. They act smoothly, singing beautiful sensational songs and there were amazing dancers, incredible singers, and awesome instrument players that show off this night. The choreography is good and well done.

  4. My favorite act was Karina. She did something most students can’t. Play the Uke!

  5. I regret not attending the Talent show, but the photos and videos that were showed during class were amazing! I hoped everyone liked our video that got viewed there.

  6. All that the singers had amazing voices and that the best singer were the twins and Vanessa Aguilar.

  7. I didn’t get to attend the talent show but, my friend told me that it’s was really good. Each act was well rehearsed and everything ran pretty smoothly. I wish I would’ve went because I would have loved to hear Leo and the Twins sing! Everyone keeps telling me they sound like angels!

  8. probably my favorite of the talent shows I’ve attended cx

  9. my favorite was Leo ! she did amazing her voice was just jaw dropping and everyone else was also amazing !

  10. My favorite act would have to be the Mavey and Amy with their violin playing. It was pretty cool hearing their final product after listening to them practice in Mr. Raneses’ class.

  11. I did not attend the talent show but I heard it was cool this year.I wish I went. So anyways. my favorite picture was of the girl about to shoot a ball.I really like this picture because it makes me think shes just having fun before or after her performance and not caring about her dress or anything.

  12. I went to the talent show and it was awsome! Im glad it was a great turn out especially since its the last talent show of my senior year. My favorite performance was The Unknowns because they can move like nobody ive ever seen before! I love the music they had and the dance. I would of been happier if the 3rd one was there but it was still awsome!!! 😍😍

  13. My favorite part was seeing the unknowns. They are just an amazing group with a lot of talent

  14. I didn’t attend the talent show, but i saw the violin duet, and i really liked how they played the harry potter theme song flawlessly.

  15. My favorite act was the two girls who played the violin because it was nice to see someone demonstrate their musical talent in another instrument from what is usually common. In addition, they played one of my favorite songs!

  16. I didn’t attend the talent show but I did watch the two duet violinists they were amazing. I actually play the violin so I love watching other people play there’s too. There performance made me want to pull my violin out so I can play it again,it’s just too much fun.

  17. One of my favorite acts was the second time Mavey and Amy performed. It was really amazing. I loved how they were in sync with each other, it made the music sound great. They both did really well, but so did the other acts. Good job guys.

  18. Even though I didn’t attend the talent show, I heard really interesting things about it. I wish I could of had gone.

  19. I didnt go to the talent show, but I heard from many people the twins have a talented voice !

  20. I like the picture of all the chairs because it represents that the talent show is organized. Also the picture tells us what event is coming up at our school.

  21. My favorite act was the unknowns. They had a great performace with no noticeable mistakes.

  22. My favorite picture from the talent show is the one with all the chairs on the NS in the middle of the empty gym. One reason why that’s my favorite pic is because all that stands out in that pic is the NS on the court because everything is a dull color except the NS and I like the way it stands out. Another reason why I like that picture is because it’s an empty gym, but then when the show starts it’s nothing but a great atmosphere and excitement at the Talent Show.

  23. My favorite act was Mavey and Amy playing their violins. It was a great experience to finally see them perform live.

  24. Although I did not attend the talent show, I heard a lot of positive feedback on every performance! Someone told me that it was way better than the last talent show we had! However I would have loved to see Mavey play her violin, to me if you play the violin you are just AMAZING! good job to everyone though even for just having the guts to go up on stage!

  25. I did not attend the talent show, however one of my friends showed me the Choreo Supremecy performance. I was amazed on how the group was able to stay in sync with one another in a series of movements.

  26. I enjoyed watching the talent show.My favorite act was the twins! I think that they are very talented and their voices are amazing!

  27. My favorite act from the talent show would be Amy and Maveys performance of the Violens!!!!😄 I just thought it was Beautifull and I really liked there music choice.

  28. I like the picture with Ruben and his guitar. I like it because he looks like he’s having fun doing his thing.

  29. One of my favorite part of the talent show that I really enjoyed was the violin one. Both girls did a great job by showing their amazing talent. They were amazing!

  30. My favorite picture was Ruben thinking. Its my favorite, because of how the shot was taken and because it makes me wonder what he was thinking about.

  31. My favorite photo is the one of Rodrigo with his computer and he is doing some paperwork. The reason why I like this photo is because of the lighting. It makes it look like it was from a movie scene. Also, another reason why I like this photo is because it shows all the hard work Rodrigo does for the Talent Show. Without him there would be no show.

  32. I didn’t go to the talent show however my favorite picture is of all the performers beacuse, it shows that everyone had a great time preforming and had fun while doing it

  33. I didn’t go to the talent show however my favorite picture is of all the performers Beacuse, it showed how everyone had a great time preforming and had fun while doing it

  34. I loved the performances that my friends did, they were great. However, my favorite was the unknowns because I’m a dancer myself and both Myles and King did good choreography for the show.

  35. I loved all the acts that were in the talent show. I think they all did phenomenal and it was a talent show I’ll never forget.

  36. My favorite part of the talent show was when the twins sang the song “say something” because that’s one if my favorite songs and their voices are amazing!

  37. I liked the talent show especially when the performers started to dance. I liked the songs they picked, it really pumped me up.

  38. My favorite act from the talent show was Mavey and Amy’s act. Their act was incredible because it inspires me to learn how to play an instrument.

    • I really loved their act, too! They played really well together. If you had to learn how to play an instrument, which one would you want to learn?

  39. My favorite performance came from act two of the girls and the violins, when they added techno music. It woke me up right aways because I have never heard someone do such thing as well as those girls where on point and did an amazing job performing. Sad they waited until the last talent show to perform such an amazing act.

  40. I loved Ma and Mei! the harry pottery violin song was great i couldnt stop fidgeting, i wanted to cheer as soon as i heard it! And the last act was awesome too like always.

  41. I didn’t get a chance to attend the talent show, although I heard many fabulous things about. One of my favorite pictures is the one where you can see all the talented people that participated united. They looked very happy and enthusiastic about there own performance.

  42. The picture of Choreo Supremecy standing in a tableau is my absolute favorite. I really like this picture because it gives the audience a hint that every dance move was going to be done simultaneously. Also, their outfits looked fantastic and fit well with the type of music they were going to dance to, which was hip hop.

  43. My favorite act was the twin sisters. Their voice is absolutely nice to hear, it’s smooth and relaxing. What I love about them was that they sounded and looked confident and didn’t seem nervous at all.

  44. My favorite performance was the two twins singing.They have such a great talent and the fact that both sisters can sing is awesome.

  45. The duet twins looked like they rocked the stage. This picture was my favorite because they both have incredible voices. Also, they are twins and I am a twin as well, nothing is better than performing with your twin.

  46. My favorite picture is when everyone is gathered in front of the stage talking. That picture is my favorite because everyone either looks happy or nervous. Also it captures the whole scene of the talent show.

  47. My favorite picture would probably be the one with the two girls playing their violins. They look really focused. They sound extremely good that they can pass for professionals. I saw them play on a video in theatre. I loved the fact that they included the Harry Potter theme song!

  48. Even though i didnt attend the talent show, i thought that the twins’ singing was lovely and they have beautiful voices.

  49. My favorite photo would definatly be the duet twin sisters photo. This was my favorite photo because it stood out from the rest of the photos, probably because they are twins. This is also my favorite photo because they both look confident and professional.

  50. My favorite photo of from the talent show was the photo of the red guitar at eye level. It really elongated it’s structure and gave it a very amazing effect.

  51. My favorite act from the talent show was mavey and her violin. It’s my favorite because I don’t like classical music but this had me thinking about where I heard that song before.

  52. The talent show was awesome! My favorite act was the violin one, with the cool electric music. It sounded so good! It was clean and creative. I’ve never seen or heard something like that!

  53. My favorite part about the talent show were the two violinist who opened the talent show. They did wonderful and the music they played was very entertaining, I give them a lot of props for a fantastic performance.

  54. In the photo where two people are eating pizza, it seems like they are having a lot of fun. This is my favorite picture. I like it because they look like they just finished their performance and it went great.

  55. I would have to say that my absolute favorite act of the talent show was the violin duet playing the Harry Potter theme song mainly because I highly admire musicians. And honestly, their notes were on point! Great job!

  56. My favorite act was the lady that danced by herself. It probably takes a lot of courage to dance in front of a lot of people by yourself. And it was exciting, her moves never got boring.

  57. The talent show was amazing all the performers did amazing. I Was so happy that I did it with my friends. There were amazing dancers, incredible singers, and awsome instrament players. It was an amazing show and I won’t for get it. 🙂

  58. My favorite part of the Talent Show was when Leo The Lion sang Set Fire To The Rain by Adele that was amazing. She sang it so well. I also liked the when everyone did a little dance in the begining cool seeing everyone before the show.

  59. The video of the performance we watched during class today was very good. The choreography was executed very well. the only cool stem I have is that the choreography for the first song felt a little too fast for the pace of the song.

    P.S. Ms. Rillingale you should consider uploading that video to the youtube account.

  60. My favorite photo is the one of Mavey standing profile right with her violin; it’s a medium close-up. It’s my favorite because it shows the violin more and they’re a beautiful instrument. Also, Mavey looks really concentrated on her craft.

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