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I recently delivered a fistful of student-written thank you letters to various staff here at school. Yes, high school students wrote thank you letters on actual paper with pens. [Well, some were in pencil, but those good intentions were evident.]

Giving thanks isn’t something we should do only in November–there’s always  a reason to offer up even a hastily scrawled thank you note. Trust me, your receiver will be pleasantly surprised.

While screening our films, I told students that they had to write a thank you card to any adult who helped them with their film. I handed them the card and collected them at the end of class. They key is to have cards at the ready.

NSHS Theatre received a thank you card too!

That’s right, we received a nice letter in the mail this past Valentine’s Day: Sunrise House received our money from the fall play, “Bang Bang You’re Dead” ticket proceeds.  That show was a blast–and we are glad to help our community.

Confession Time

Are you still not dragging your heels over those holidays thank you cards? How will Granny send you money for graduation when you haven’t thanked her for the Christmas cash?! It’s not too late! No more excuses! Tell us here about a thank you that still needs to be written and then GO DO IT! Good luck.

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  1. I would like to write a thank you card to my family and my dance crew for always supporting what I do and always allowing me to fall back on them when I need advice about a certain thing.

  2. I think it would be sweet to write all my friends personal thank you cards next year to thank them for being a bunch of awesome people, really. Kind of like a memento commemorating all those years spent in high school!

  3. I would have to tank all of my tachers for helping me grow as a student and person since i know teachers hardly get any thank you’s.

  4. I would like to write a thankful card for my family that keeps supporting me every day. Especially for my mom who tries to hard work each day. Also for my father who keeps sacrifice to keep us alive. Don’t worry, I would try my best to be successful person. Thanks for taking care . . .

  5. I owe a huge thank-you to the staff at north high for helping and participating in our theatre film!

  6. A thanks that is needed is probably to my amazing group! Thanks guys for taking my suggestions and using them in our movie.

  7. I could to say thank you for my cousins let me stay their home for my mini vacations in different cities with them to spread time..

  8. Thank you cards are always meaningful and it’s a nice way to say thank you even if you do say it in person. With it coming close to graduation I am going to have to write many thank you letters to friends and family. But for our film we had to write a thank you letter to Coach green because he took time out of his day to let us interview him to find out what he likes and dislikes to see at a basketball tryout.

  9. I would have to thank you card to my friend and my parent supporting me in school work and they encourage me to complete high school I’m glad they support me

  10. thanks to Mr.Green for being in our film he really was a big part & without him in the video the film wouldn’t have been possible

  11. A thank you card that still needs to written would be for my Spanish teacher. She’s taught me alot in these past years and always finds ways to help me out in anything I need

  12. I think my dad deserves a thank you letter. He works all week to pay for…well everything and he rarely has time to do things he enjoys.Yet he always pays for us to enjoy our time and I really appreciate that from him.

  13. Before I graduate. I want to give thank you cards to all my teachers and family’s. For everything they have done for me. Even teachers from the past that I had

  14. I still need to give thank you cards to my family, because they’re always putting with me and doing me favors.

  15. I owe thanks to my friend who edited our film for a different class while i edited our theatre film. She took a big weight off my shoulders!

  16. Before I graduate, I would like to write thank you cards for all my teachers, Mr. Preble, and family for being supportive for me and my education and helping me when I needed the help. I’ll try to finish these thank you cards by the end of March.

  17. My group did not have to write any thank you letters to anybody but if there is anybody I would like to thank it would be my parents since they have done so much for me it’s unbelievable.

  18. A thank you card I need to make one for is my teacher Mr.Torrance because I got a C- in his class an he proved me I could pass any class out there !

  19. I would like to thank Coach Zenk for everything he has done for me in the past 4 years at North Salinas. He became more then a football coach to me throught the years. He’s FAM now. #FAM.

  20. Thank you cards I still have to send out are to my group from the film project. We worked together well and I didn’t have to deal with any bad things. They made it easy to work with.

  21. I have not had the time to really thank my parents for the support they give me in school.

  22. Before I graduate, I really want to write sincere thank you cards to all of my teachers, even the ones who I have had in past years. I will probably start writing them after all of the AP tests are over.

  23. A thank you card I need to make is one for my older sister she bought me tons of clothes and she really deserves a card.

  24. I would have to thank my parents for supporting me in my school work and through my different sports. I have never gotten to thank them for all they do.

  25. Thank you letters are a beautiful way to show appreciation for anyone who participated in the process of making your film. However our group did not really use any out of school locations or adult help except Office Depot, it would be appropriate to write the personnel a thank you letter, but I am 100% positive they did not even know we where there! it is such a big store. My group and I are still very thankful for office depot because they had everything we needed!

  26. One thank you card I still need to send would be to my grandpa. I don’t see him very muchh but he always goes out if his way to send my brother and I something for the holidays

  27. I still have to write thank you cards to my film group in theater. They did an Amazing job and came up with great ideas. Our film came out really good and I couldn’t have done it with out them😄

  28. We didn’t have to write a letter to a teacher for my film, so I would like to give it to my grandma. Throughout the holidays she felt under the weather, but still managed to cook for everybody and no one caught a thing! Thanks a lot grams, xoxo

  29. My group and I are very thankful with Mr. Reinessas for being in one of our scenes: he helped us complete our film successfully. I’m also very thankful with my group for making this project very fun! ☺

  30. A thank you that I still need to write would be to my cousin for helping me wrap all the presents before the kids woke up on Christmas day

  31. I still need to write a thank you letter to all the people who have written me a letter of recommendation. I’ll get on it this weekend!

  32. My group didn’t have to write a thank you card since we didn’t use an adult for our film.

  33. Our group didn’t have to write a thank you card, but if I would like to thank my group members for all the work they did in making the video a success.

  34. I still have to write a thank you letter to my cousin who helped me paint my wall In my room. It took us a long time but she never complained and I’m thankful for that.

  35. One person I need to send a thank you card to is my cousin because she did my hair and make up for Winter Ball. She always helps me with with my hair and makeup for important events.

  36. I still need to write a thank you letter to Mr.Preble for writing me a letter of recommendation

  37. I need to write a thank you card to my mom, she had a swollen hand through the holiday season and still managed to buy everyone presents as well as cook an enormous feast for a family party. She truly is amazing. #MyMomIsBetterThanYours

  38. I told my mom and she started crying and so did I and we both has a mother daughter connection that we hadn’t in a while and its all thanks to this article, so thank you for being an awesome teacher and teaching us lessons outside the schools lanes of education.

  39. A thank you that i need to say is to my mom, she does so many things for me. And puts others first, I appreciate the time she takes to make my lunch for school in the mornings, and drives me to all my sports and activities. I love you mom!!!

  40. A thank you letter I would still need to send is to my aunt. She has helped me a lot with all this college applications and advice, it wouldn’t hurt to send her a thank you letter.

  41. A thank you card that still needs to be written is to my dad because he is a hardworking man who does a lot for me and my education. He’s always been the one to support me at my games and buy me whatever I need, so I need to thank him ASAP !

  42. We didn’t have to write a thank you letter for our film but still need to write thank you letters to some of my family members for helping me out this year in activities.

  43. My group wrote a thank you card only to Steve, but there’s more people to thank. The students that played a part in our film, the “cheerleaders” and to my friends that gave me advice of how to edit my video even better.

  44. I would like to thank my dad for bringing food for me everyday.

  45. I still need to thank Mia for editing our group film because even though she was sick and absent, she was still capable of getting the work done.

  46. I would have to say thank you to my dad because even though he is sick he still drives me to my games and is their to support me.

  47. Our group had to write a thank you card, so we wrote one to my family for being in the film and helping us out. (They also loved my sisters)

  48. My group didn’t need to write any teachers a thank you card but besides that, I would give my mom one because she does a lot for me all by herself. However, millions of thank you cards couldn’t make up for how much she’s done for me.

  49. My group didn’t have to write a thank you note but if I had to I would right a thank you note to my team members.

  50. A thank you I still need to make is to my grandma for giving me money for Christmas.

  51. I need to send a thank you card to my mom. She does a lot for me & also my brother & sister. She’s so strong & I know she has a lot on her plate, and I don’t say thank you enough. So I’ll get on that!

  52. Our group did not need to write a thank you card. We used only our group members. But I would thank the hallway classes for not getting to disturbed.

  53. A thank you I need to do is for my dad who took my mom, sister, and I out to dinner on Valentine’s Day! I’ll probably make him a cake later on today that says “Sorry For Being A Forgetful Daughter.”

  54. Our group didn’t need to write a thank you care but if there was class that took place in the hallway I would write a card to that teacher. But if I did write a thank you card it would go to my teammates in the video they were amazing.

    • My group did not have to write a thank you card, but there is some people I would like to thank. My group of course! Thank you Lisa, Moe and Mercedes for making the film making process enjoyable for me.

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