NSHS Stuck at Prom Challenge Winner

DucktapeYippee! A talented contender took us up on our challenge and entered our first annual NSHS Stuck @ Prom Duck Tape Sponsorship Competition. Even better yet, many of my theatre-loving, NSHS-supporting colleagues have donated cash for tape. Thanks so much!

We’ll check in periodically on our contender’s progress–creating a workspace, maintaining time in his busy schedule for duct tapery craftiness, and more.

Looks like I had better get shopping for some prom dress swaggery too, as I promised to chaperone our NSHS Prom if someone created a duct tape costume…

So tell us: What do you want to know about our contender [besides his name?]

Provide us some ideas for future posts on this subject or questions you have about the duct tape design progress. If your suggestion is used, you will win a prize. [How about a week of no daily questions…]


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12 replies

  1. This suit looks very nice! But will he be able to make the suit match the theme of prom?

  2. I would like to know what inspired the colors and patterns to his suit?

  3. What made them want to do this project?

  4. It’s a really nice design which is why I wonder if he is going to donate his suit for another person next year or sell it after prom?

  5. The vest has an amazing color that got my attention first. How did you find these colors? Will the partner be wearing her dress in color of the bow tie & vest?

  6. I would also like to know what has inspired him to take on this challenge. And if he thinks it is going to be difficult to try and produce a nice outfit.

  7. Nifty suit! Is the boutineere also going to be made out of duct tape or will it be a real flower?

  8. Is he going to be using his own technique when making his costumes or is he going to be looking online for how to make it?

  9. If his partner wore her dress the color of his bow tie, they would look incredible!

  10. The suit looks fantastic! But will he be accompanied by someone in an equally astounding outfit?

  11. What was their inspiration?

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