Newspaper Costume Design Project

While our Duck Tape Prom contest has been cancelled, our Newspaper Costume project has been a whirlwind of energy. As the first part of our unit on costume design, students had to create an evening wear outfit [think Prom] for either a male or female. Most students selected dresses and many groups embellished with fancy-pants duct tape. Models had to strut their stuff and sell their designs, à la Project Runway. Details on this project are here. While all our pix are up on our flickr account, below, check out some of my personal favorites.

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Your Opinion Matters!

Check out all the costumes here. Provide a link to the dress and provide one reason why it’s so drop-dead gorgeous. Not sure how to do a link? Describe the costume in three sentences and give us your reason why it’s so great.  Of course, it’s easy to be distracted by our handsome models, but do your best to look at the design.

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  1. My favorite dress is Manuel’s dress from 2nd period. I think they did a great job designing it especially with the jeweled top. It looks like a dress that someone would actually buy for prom. The color choice that they chose was very unique and I liked the mermaid scale looking design they used as they got to the bottom of the dress.

  2. I liked Manuel’s dress from period 2 because the gold scales and the jewels makes the dress look kind of realistic.

  3. My favorite dress was Alexis’s from period 6. I like it so much because it looks like a dress that someone would actually buy from a dress shop and the way the skirt flows down is cool

    This was my favorite dress. You can’t really tell that it’s just composed of ductape and newspaper. It looks like an actual dress someone would take to prom.

  5. I enjoyed duck tape suit from period 3 it was one of the few that only used duck tape. It really looked like suit and the designers should be proud. Plus the model was able to walk, the newspaper was hard to walk in image how hard duck tape is to walk in

  6. This was my favorite dress because the silver spray paint made it look really cool. The jewels on the top and the handbag were also a nice touch to the design.

  7. I love looking at all these dresses. The students have such creative minds. It’s amazing what you can do with newspaper and duct tape!
    Lori (nannylor on swap-bot)

    I really like this dress because it shines and would look beautiful in the moonlight!


    This dress really stood out from the rest with it’s color scheme.

  10. My favorite dress was Manuel’s dress from period 2, because it fit him very nicely, and it complemented his figure.

  11. I really like this dress because the top has great colors and the bottom of the gown is really full with an excellent shape.

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