Emotional Baggage Costume Designs

IMG_9294My students are so incredibly modest. I knew they would churn out some brill designs, and boy, did they ever! Here’s the process we followed:

  1. Review words like vintage, pullman, cougar mom, valise
  2. Read the play, “Emotional Baggage” by Nina Shengold, aloud in class.
  3. Pick your favorite character and complete your questionnaire.
  4. Get a body template.
  5. Draw your costume.
  6. Learn about how cotton is in everything, so review fabrics.
  7. Label your garments with real words [NOT just cotton].
  8. Pin it up on the legs onstage.

All our designs are up on our Flickr account. Below, check out our preview.

Tell us your favorite:

Go here and look at all the great designs. Provide a link to the design and provide one reason why it’s so drop-dead gorgeous. Not sure how to do a link? Describe the design in three sentences and give us your reason why it’s so great.

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  1. My favorite design was Rollo. The way he drew the sweater with black and yellow stripes was amazing. And how he added a beanie and shades when perfectly with the character.

  2. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/nshstheatre/13270701545/in/set-72157642599825865/
    I think this costume fits Amber perfectly with what the characters had to say about her. The muffin top really added to her character.

  3. This has to be my favorite design of Rollo it just seems like its what he would wear everyday. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nshstheatre/13270725345/in/set-72157642599825865

  4. I liked one of the Rollo designs. The one that had a brown sweater with black stripes and blue ripped jeans. I really like the colors the artist used. I really liked the little details, for example the little rip on the pants and the pee stain. I also really like how they used many accessories such as, glasses and a beanie. The artist used a lot of creativity.

  5. https://nshstheatre.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/img_9266.jpg?w=564&h=752

    This was my favorite costume design the instant I saw it in class because Amber really does look like a cougar. Props for the fishnet tights, coiffed hair, and muffin-top! :3

  6. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/nshstheatre/13287495764/in/set-72157642599825865/ This was a great design, because of the great details of the red dress.

  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nshstheatre/13270701545/in/set-72157642599825865 This design is amazing because it shows how the character can be and her personality.

  8. I like this costume the best because it reminds me of an everyday stoner. He has the beanie, the glasses, and the heavy hoodie that make him feel realistic.

  9. https://nshstheatre.com/2014/03/19/emotional-baggage-costume-designs/img_9275/ I like this design for rollo because it’s a comfortable an chill. But yet it would fit him perfect.

  10. My favorite design was the one for Rollo. I like this design because it resembles the style that the caracter is portrayed to be. The whole “drug smuggler” look is totally made happen. You would believe that this man is a drug smuggler just by the stereotypes and what he is wearing. Good work

  11. I think this costume is drop-dead gorgeous because it has its own style, it resembles “thug” type of people back in the 80s when pullmans were in style. Leather coats and button down shirts underneath.

  12. I like this design because even though Dick is a big jerk, he looks like a cool jerk, classy nice, that’s why I personally like this design.

  13. My favorite design was an Amber. The model wore a cheetah crop-top and a black mini skirt. She is also wearing fishnets, along with big hoop earrings and a necklace. To accentuate the design, she accessorizes the muffin top with a cigarette. I loved this design because the costume designer really captured the essence of what other characters said about Amber and what her description said about her as well.

  14. This design is my favorite one because I feel like it really captures how Louise would be dressed in the play. The scarf and the hat are also really nice accessories and the straps on the dress really make it stand out

  15. http://m.flickr.com/lightbox?id=13270771645&context=set-72157642599825865 I like this design because I like the colors and it looks artistic.

  16. Design, http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/nshstheatre/13287495764/in/set-72157642599825865/ , is so drop dead gorgeous because the zipper and cut out sides on the dress emphasize Amber’s promiscuous personality!

  17. Today in class we looked at all the designs pinned to the curtains, putting a paperclip on our favorite. For Rollo, I chose image 9275. I love the hoodie he is wearing because it reminds me of a stoner. The shades and beanie also scream suspicious and I feel that fit the character description perfectly!

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