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acceptedimageIt sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: How is a theatre teacher like a senior in high school? When the theatre teacher is waiting for that fat letter from a university that signifies “Yes, you’re in.”

Thin is definitely NOT IN when waiting for the college acceptance letter. Why? A thin envelope typically contains a single piece of paper that starts with: Dear__________, we regret to inform you… And then you walk back up the driveway and eat an entire cake.

Fat is where it’s at when receiving that coveted university acceptance letter, because there’s often oodles of paperwork–tons of additional things you need to sign and send away until you’re enrolled. And then you walk back up the driveway and still get to eat cake, because you’re in!

For the past three years, I have been stalking Southern Oregon University’s Theatre Teacher Training Program to earn a Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design. Of course, I already have a Masters degree in Theatre, but this one wouldn’t be just for me, it’s for our theatre program here at NSHS. Right now I know just enough technical theatre to be dangerous–but I wanna be lethal. Here’s the kicker: this year, SOU is only accepting 20 new candidates. Would they like me? Would I make the cut?

So I bit the bullet and applied. Like most high school seniors, I had to write a statement of purpose and beg/bribe folks to write nice things about me and file the application on time.

The application was due wayyyyyy back in January. Don’t know about you, but waiting isn’t my strong suit. So I took up roller derby. I figured if SOU didn’t like me, at least I could learn to skate. Since the beginning of  February, every Tuesday and Thursday I have been skating in the Monterey Bay Derby Dames fresh meat program to get my stripes.  It’s been a blast and keeps me too tired to obsess about whether SOU wants me…

And now they do. And now I can skate.  And now I get to start on all that preprogram homework…Life is good.

What do you do…

When you have to wait a long time for something really exciting and important? Seniors, tell us how you kept/keep from going crazy waiting for those college app letters. Underclassmen, what’s your secret for waiting? Give us your advice in two sentences.

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  1. While waiting for acceptance letters, I either run, listen to music, or hang around good company. All these activities make it possible to occupy my mind with positive thoughts and also cleanse my mind from all the stress because let’s face it, waiting isn’t anyone’s specialty.

  2. I did not go crazy as I was waiting for my acceptance letters. There was no time for me to think about it because I was always doing homework or spending as much time with my family as possible. I remained confident the entire time because I knew all the sleepless nights were going to pay off one day.

  3. I just tried to forget about it so I wouldnt stress or anything, it was pretty hard to because all you hear is where people applied and you keep thinking if you got accepted or not.

  4. What I like to do is play sports, I help take everything off my mind. Another thing I do is spend time and play with my little brother and sister.

  5. The best thing you can do is forget about it and live life to the fullest because by now you may know that when you are enjoying life, time seems to fly by. Think positively and don’t let any descisions bring your down because those same decisions will drive you to your actual destiny.

  6. My advice for waiting is keeping busy with other things just to keep yourself from obsessing over it. Another thing I would do is just be patient and confident.

  7. The best thing you can do while you wait is to do some sports or clubs. This help me not go crazy over the the acceptance letters.

  8. Well I had Sports and family to keep my mind off the applications. Also I applied for early admission so I didn’t have to wait as along.

  9. When I was waiting for my acceptance letter I wasn’t really nervous about it. I didn’t even expect to get in I just tried it. However when I need to pass time I distract myself with school and friends.

  10. My advice for waiting is to not think and stress about it too much. Be patient, positive, and never quit on your goals and dreams. Remember to always smile no matter what. 😀

  11. I applied to two school and got accepted to one of the schools. I didn’t get accepted to the school I wanted to get in and I was thinking about the school I got accepted to and just decided to go to a community college and wait to go to the school I want to go to.

  12. While I was waiting for my acceptance letters, I just tried to keep busy with other things. With homework and sports, I had a lot more things than just applications on my mind.

  13. When I waited for my college acceptance I kept calm by not thinking about it so much. Also, I was keeping myself busy with school work and had a fun time with friends.

  14. My advice is to do something you love to help pass the time. Don’t worry too much about the future and kind of live in the moment so you are not stressing.

  15. My advice for waiting in situations like these is to just do other things while waiting. You can even relax and not think about it to much

  16. I applied to 4 schools and I’ve got accepted to 3 of them and while I was waiting for the acceptance letter to keep myself from going crazy I was just keeping positive and focusing on my grades for the third and 4th quater.

  17. I had to wait for my acceptance letters in the mail. It was hard because while I was still waiting most of my friends already got theirs so I was dying to know if I got in or not, and of course I did.

  18. My advice for waiting is just don’t think about it and do stuff you need to complete while you wait.

  19. I tried to keep myself distracted by doing homework, listening to music, reading books, or just hanging out with my friends. There were also times when I would just try to focus on the positive side of things and just put all of my focus on other school related things, like filling out scholarship applications, or researching summer internships.

  20. The best thing to do while waiting for the college acceptance letters to arrive would be to just focus on some other things to keep you occupied. I try to block out the anxiety from waiting by just focusing on my homework, AP tests that are coming up, and movies.

  21. From personal experience, waiting for big moments like those can be nerve-wracking but I like to distract myself from thinking about it too much. For instance, enjoy making crafts and DIYs because it gets my mind off of overthinking things.

  22. Ways that I keep myself from going crazy from waiting is keeping myself distracted. It helps a lot that way you don’t think about it as much.

  23. When I have to wait for something that has me going crazy I usually do something that distracts me from it.
    I continue doing my work for classes and keep myself busy so I don’t think about it too much.

  24. My advice for waiting would be, to be patient. I know when I am patient it tends to slip my mind and when it finally happens it takes me by surprise and gets me really happy. Taking naps are fun too…

  25. Not every one is good with waiting and I understand why. I men it gets nerve racking and frustrating but one way I keep from going completely insane is I listen to music, talk to friends, watch funny movies, and just goof off. It might seem weird that laughter helps but humor make me for get the stress.

  26. I think my secret for waiting is trying to keep myself busy so I don’t have to think about what I am waiting for. I’ll try to watch movies, spend time with friends, or listen to music to keep that particular thing off my mind.

  27. When I was waiting for my letters from colleges I was soo scared I wouldnt be accepted. I had to wait a whole two weeks before I got my letter in the mail. But I was so scared that I felt like I was going to give up but I didnt. But i got accepted! But after all that waiting I realised im not ready to go to a university, so I decided im going to community college for a year then im going to transfer to a university.

  28. Waiting for something to get to you is never easy, you just have to distract yourself. You have to find a way to get your mind off things, hang out with friends, catch a movie or something like that could do the trick.

  29. The best thing a person can do is just wait for your letter because there is no way to rush your letter in the mail. Don’t go crazy over it and make sure you are focused on school.

  30. I kept going crazy but just thinking positive and just focusing on high school, and applying for scholarships in the mean time just to pass time by. You have to keep sane or else you could lose your focus on what is still important. Which is to finish high school first.

  31. If you’re waiting for your college application, just don’t think about it too much, it’ll come. While you’re waiting, just continue doing what you normally do like school, friends, homework, and so on, it’ll be there before you know it.

  32. If I have to wait for something really exciting and important for a while, which is really hard, I like to distract myself. I will either go on Netflix and watch a movie (or more), go shopping, or bake something.

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