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We have a decidedly odd tradition here @ NSHS theatre in that every show seems to require a blood sacrifice. This means that at some point during rehearsals or builds, someone typically either gets a cut, stubs a toe, stumbles on a set piece, or does something to require some of that red stuff to appear. This show is no exception, however it was a doozy!


Applying saline to the sterilize the wound…

“Dorothy and Alice” is a ten minute play that starts the second act of our Spring Shows. Our stage manager, Jasmine, had already called places and was up in the booth when stage tech Armand runs up to me and says, “Rillingale, there’s been an accident.” I ran off to follow him only to see Mariella sporting a huge gash on her left leg. It was bleeding quite a bit, yet when I asked if she needed a some time or wanted to take a break, she said no, she wanted to do the play. Armed with some red napkins, she hobbled off to make her entrance.

The audience members all watched the blood drip, drip, drip down her leg. I could see those thought bubbles: Would it make it to her white sock? Would she pass out? I grabbed a few more napkins and gingerly walked backstage trying not to move the curtains as I breezed past to find Jonathan, another actor in the play. I instructed him to waltz onstage with serious attitude and hand her another napkin, which he promptly did. Mariella dabbed at the blood, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when the blood trail had been halted mere centimeters above her pristine white sock.

Now, Mariella had a choice: halt the show or head out onstage bleeding. Any choice would be appropriate here, because an actor’s safety is incredibly important! The cast was suitably impressed when she said she was okay to go on–and I was impressed as well. After the show, we figured how to make sure this didn’t happen again [needed more glow tape…] and the rest of the show has been accident and blood free. Oh, and she didn’t need stitches.

Tell us

So has there ever been a time where you were quite suddenly unprepared to do an important task due to some force of nature or accident? Did you get to do that thing? How did you cope? Did you bleed? Tell us your story!


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  1. Nothing has really happened like that to me for important events, however I remember when I was playing softball and on accident I hit the ball and my friend went for it and the ball hit her nose. She started bleeding badly. Therefore, I quickly ran to get some tissues and water for her. Since this was before a game, we didn’t expect her to play but she decided to play anyways. That’s what you call team dedication!

  2. I remember this year I got sick the day before a huge volleyball tournament. I was upset because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to play. I ended up being able to play, but I couldn’t play to the best of my ability.

  3. When I was in Mexico a few years ago I decided to ride in a horse parade with a my family, theres a big difference when you go from riding your horse to riding someones else’s horse. Well half way through the parade, the horse I was riding, acts up and throws me off. I landed on my rear end, luckily it was on dirt and not on concrete. I had to get back on immediately, especially since I had a big group of people staring at me. Can someone say embarrassing. I didn’t feel the fall until I sat down on a bench at the ranch, the pain was excruciating.

  4. One time during a tennis match, I was playing at the baseline and the girl hit the ball just over the net. I ran up towards it but then I completely fell flat on my face. Somehow, I miraculously managed to hit it back over. I ended up losing that point but I didn’t let the fall stop me.

  5. When I was practicing for the all-star game, I bumped heads with a teammate in mid-air and I kept playing for another minute. It took me a while to realize that my head was cut open and it wasn’t until the blood started dripping that I realized my head was cut open.

  6. There was one time when I woke up very sick for a referee game I was going to ref. I was so upset because without me the little girls weren’t going to be able to play. I decide to go and do my best.

  7. I didn’t have to bleed for any performance thank goodness! As far as sports go, on the other hand, I’ve caused pain, bruses and scratches, sometimes with blood, as well as myself for being competitive. It’s fun that way haha, but whenever I got these bloody scratches, bruses or pains I would just walk it off and just kept on with the game, and that’s what Dorothy did! Great job with the blood girl!

  8. There was one time I was really sick before a baseball game, but even though I had a sickness I still played and we ended up winning. I didn’t do my top notch best, but I did all I could for the team

  9. Love the play and the opening play it is really can of funny in the play.the only part I like is when the killers kill people that one was great.

  10. I am always very fortunate to not have any major happen at an event or before an event (or at least that I can recall?) However I was really happy to help Mariela after the production by disinfecting her wound and cleaning it up! As a future doctor (Not to brag 😉 ) I believe that starting early and helping out in small things like this is very important!

  11. I Had an unexpected sickness falling on a public speaking competition day. But I decided to fight through the pain and say my 7 minute speech, luckily I made it to the second round. so it’s good to take chances and risks and not give up,when we think we’ve fallin down.

  12. There was one time where things went unexpected for me. It was during third period my freshman year and i had to take a test next period and i forgot to make a cheat-cheat the day before. I and to make one in three minutes.. I failed that test. This all happened because first period i had to run the mile and fell.

  13. During a golf match for NSHS, I had to play with my allergies. Since the golf course is out in the trees and grass it makes my allergies a lot worse. My allergies made it hard for me to focus, but I still finished the match.

  14. When I played softball here at north high I remember going up to bat and the pitcher threw a bad ball and hit my ankle hard. I didn’t get to hit because I got a free base but i couldn’t even walk because of the pain and bruise on my ankle. However, I pushed through and forced myself to take the base because I really love playing.

  15. Hi – Scribble from Swap-bot here. Your blog isms great fun to read. Thanks for sharing your adventures in drama…

  16. Earlier this year I had to MC a rally at lunch. It was really hot that day and I was feeling sick. On top of that I had to run the mile in 3rd period. I ran it anyways and felt even worse but Mrs. Zenk gave me some water and I felt better. I ended up MCing the rally and it went pretty well.

  17. For winter break, my plan was to go to Mexico and attend my friend’s wedding. However, things did not go well on the day that I had to go to the airport for take-off. Just as we finished packing everything in the car, my body suddenly felt weak. I got a migraine headache and I began to throw up nonstop!! Things got worse when the left side of my body went numb and I was screaming for help because I thought I was doing to fall. My dad was trying to help me feel better by giving me medicine, but I refused to take it and not go to Mexico anymore. I could not imagine myself sitting on the plane for five hours straight with pain. However, I ended up going because if I didn’t go then my dad was going to cancel the trip and I would ruin everything for my entire family.

  18. Wow, poor Mariella but she sounds like a strong girl!

    When I was younger I have followed ballroom and latin dance classes, but I was also a baseball player. So during one of the baseball games I ran and hurt a muscle in my upper leg. The doctor said I had to take rest and that it would take a couple of weeks. I freaked out because the next day I had a dance competition!! So the next morning I took a bunch of pain killers, danced like nothing was up and… we did quite well. Although the jury did ask me why I had such a horrible painful look on my face. When I explained what happened she gave me extra points for being there.

    Good luck with your website!

    Greetings, Roxanne (roxxy84)
    #Iloveblogging #Swapbot

  19. I so enjoyed looking around your blog! It sounds like no matter what you do you may end up with some type of small emergency..I say this cause I have 3 rowdy young men! Keep up the great job!
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  20. Hi Lisa!

    Your website is really cool! 🙂 What an interesting style of writing. You make reading your post a pure pleasure. At least in my eyes. Don’t give up on this blog- IT’S GREAT! 🙂
    I would love to see “Dorothy and Alice” play. And ouch… Poor Mariella :/ I’m thinking strongly about a similar situation which might happened to me as well, but nothing’s coming to my head at the moment.
    Now, I’m off to read more posts. How great that I got the opportunity to visit you here and read your posts. Wonderful! 🙂
    Keep being awesome, dear! You’re doing a great job, believe me 🙂
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    Hugs all the way from Poland! 🙂

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