How to Ask a Girl to Prom


Of course she said yes!

Of course she said yes!

At first blush, this posting might not seem all that theatre-centered. But it’s Prom Season here at NSHS and folks are creating events for the big ask, which means students are using those theatre skills.

Actor Skills

  • All actors need objectives. Wanna take cute XYZ girl/boy to Prom. Check.
  • Think tactics. Remember our ask, plead, bribe, threaten scene? Of course we don’t want to beg someone and threatening is so not cool, yet the point is to be varied in your approach.
  • If you are going to ask in person [and NOT through social media], rehearse it through multiple times. Use a friend to give you some feedback and really listen to what they have to say.

Got Props?

  • Props help every actor in every scene. Think gimmick here: string of post its on her locker, a huge sign in the hallway, a pizza box opening to the ask, a box of donuts with the same ask.
  • Balloons with the word “Prom?” go over big: make sure your handwriting is legible…
  • Many students use the theatre as their venue to ask. Every year I have put up powerpoint slides to which the girl always says, “yes,” and the class always says, “Awwwwww.”
  • Use your props wisely–make sure the “yes” is a given before you publicly humiliate yourself and he says no in front of your entire P.E. class.

Need some more advice? Check out these films we made in class this year. Some help with the asking and some offer general prom tips.

 So Tell Us

What’s a super clever way to ask someone to prom? Prom’s coming up April 26th…it’s not too late to ask!



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  1. I think a clever way to ask someone to prom is to incorporate things the person might be intrested in. For example if they were interests in volleyball use volleyball to spell prom.

  2. For prom I bought a girl wingstop for lunch and wrote prom on the inside of the box. I know it’s not original but who doesn’t love wingstop?

  3. I think a cute way to ask someone to prom is to make them a nice poster and surprise them after their game holding the sign with some flowers or balloons.

  4. I think a clever way to ask someone to prom is, to bake a delicious/decorative cake that says “prom” on it and bring it to their house or bring it to them at school..

  5. I think that a cute promposal would be finding a bridge on the highway or anywhere in town you know that person will be driving under and what time and wait on top of the bridge with a large poster saying something like ‘their name, prom?” So when they drive under it they’ll see it

  6. Make a scavenger hunt around the school by having friends have the letters that spell out prom in envelopes.

  7. I think the best way of asking someone to prom is doing something sweet and personal. Personally, I don’t like when things are over the top, but asking someone to prom in a way that is over the top is a way to put a huge smile on the person’a face. I think that you should ask in a way that they will always remember.

  8. I personally asked someone to prom at the happiest place on earth………Disneyland! I wrote prom on a big lolly pop and when we reached the big castle I took out the lolly pop and popped the big question. I think it was really special and had a personal touch, which is the advice I want to give everyone. Don’t be afraid to try something extreme yet simple.

  9. There are many creative ways to ask someone to prom. One creative way that stood out to me was a collage of pictures of the couple spelling out PROM. Or having a little scavenger hunt. Also, decorating their room with nice and colorful balloons and flowers!

  10. One way to ask a girl to prom is decorating their room and wait for them until they come in and surprise them.

  11. A clever way to ask someone to prom is if they’re doing a spring sport, go to on of their games/meets, bring a few friends, and hold up signs asking them to prom when they’re finishing their event.

  12. A clever way to ask someone to prom is to come up with something meaningful. Like maybe giving them hints by giving them a card at different times of the day saying 1 thing you like about them on each card and that night make a candle lit path way and the person standing there with a sign that says “prom?”

  13. A clever way to ask someone to prom would be by decorating their room with something nice and surprising them with flowers when they come home after being at school

  14. I personally don’t like prom but there are different circumstances to asking a girl to prom.
    1) is she your friend and you just want to have fun nothing serious?

    Just ask her! It’ll be considered a friend date but just make sure she knows it.

    However, if this is a girl you like or have a crush on, whether friend or not, then make it special and creative if she’s that type. If she’s not outgoing and will probably say no, then talk one on one with her letting her know you’re serious. There’s many other different ways and circumstances but overall you have to know the girl in order to ask her the right way.

  15. The best way to ask a girl to prom would be to do something big in front of her friends and be really cute and cheesy about it. I think girls like the cute stuff like that so in my opinion that would be the best way.

  16. Although prom has passed, there are many ways to ask someone to prom. I’ve always thought that writing “Prom” on the top of a Sand mountain on a beach would be nice. That is, if the person even likes beaches! 😜

  17. A clever way to ask someone to prom would be by surprising them in front of their friends or somewhere public! Its very important to make it as creative as possible because getting asked to prom for some girls is a very big deal! So don’t hesitate gentlemen or ladies! There is still time! GO FOR IT

  18. I think the best way to ask a girl is to get everything she likes and put it all together in a creative way to ask her to prom.

  19. There’s a lot of uniquely different ways one may ask their honey out to prom, and one of the most recent fads involves making the ‘promposal’ public. This tactic must be planned in advance, however, because you have to make sure whoever you’re asking out to prom has already agreed to your offer! Otherwise, everyone just winds up looking bad. Good luck, y’all!

  20. Glad to see my donut prom proposal made it as the main photo! I think this was a great way to ask someone to prom because it was very unique and original.

  21. The best way to ask someone to prom is in a personal way. Do something you know they would like. You would have to get to know the person first. I really like the donut and scavenger hunt ideas though.

  22. That’s a brillant idea ! I wish someone did that to me. It’s so clever and original.
    When I was in high school, there were a nobody that had a lot of creativity…

    Nobody asked me for prom… But I did have fun with my friends!

  23. A clever way to ask someone to prom would be to plan out a special day for the both of you, just to show them a good time. Towards the end of the day, have a unique way you could ask him/her to prom by surprise. Think original. It’s probably better to ask someone to prom after you’ve put them in a good mood.

  24. There are many different ways that you can ask someone to prom, but through a text or any social media is not the way. Just yesterday, someone asked me if throwing a rock at me and saying “You rock, will you go to prom with me?” would get me to say yes. Well I’m not sure about that.

  25. A clever way to ask a girl to prom would be having her blindfolded on a beach and singing to her as she looks you will have “prom?” spelled out on the shore with seashells.

  26. A super clever way to ask someone to prom would be to skip the posters and balloons and write on the north high mall area windows! Will definately get a yes and its something i haven’t seen yet.

  27. In my opinion, you have to really know the person you are asking to prom. You have to know what they like and cannot say no to. Not to mention you need to get inside their head. One great tactic that I have never seen fail is ask her/him in front of her/his friends. If they are nice, they can’t say no. If you don’t want to buy anything you can always make a poster! (they are free at school)

  28. I think the perfect way to ask a girl to prom is to go to her house by surprise with roses and a cake that says prom? and get permission from her parents as well. That would be a real gentlemen 🙂

  29. First I all I believe anything is pretty thoughtful as long as it’s not done through the matters of asking them out by text or phone. A clever idea for me is anything like surprising them at their house with candles, chalk, a poster, or decorating their car with a simple “prom?”. Even better is if you make something catchy to it like the donut example above.

  30. A super clever way to ask someone to prom is surprising them after school by writing all over their car with nice compliments and holding a banner with a group of the persons friends.

  31. To ask somebody on a prom date you need to surprise that person so that person could be happy and could tell you to say yes.

  32. A clever way to ask someone to prom is by asking when they least expect it. A good way is by asking the person in front of a huge crowed and having banners that have PROM?.

  33. A clever way that you can ask someone to prom is to put a bunch of post-its on their car or locker. Write cute little messages and apply post-its to the entire locker or vehicle and they should feel obligated to say yes.

  34. A super clever way to be asked to prom is to have him/her go through a scavenger hunt. You would have fun setting it up and it would make him/her feel special and really happy.

  35. In my opinion, i think theres no dumb way to ask somebody to Prom. But it cant be done in a LAZY way like through texting,or social media. But the perfect way to ask somebody to prom is have a audience, and make sure you show everyone that your would really enjoy that persons company and make them feel special while your asking. For example, take that special someone to the stage and have a small speech and ask with a rose. That would be beautiful.

  36. How fun! I was grounded every prom except my senior year. By that time, I was already engaged so we went together, of course! I would totally go for the donut ask though—maybe I should show my husband and he can make me a box that says, “shall I do the dishes dear?” That might be a bit too many donuts, though. Maybe just, “dishes?” 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend and Happy Easter!
    Sarah (lostinavalon on Swapbot–I Love Blogging Swap)

  37. I think a super clever way to ask a girl or guy to Prom is any way that involves a personal touch to it. You could ask with incorporating a sport she/he plays. Anything that takes time and effort so it comes off as really sincere is a great way to ask. The number one “no no” is asking over social media! When in doubt use Pinterest to spark up some ideas. 🙂

  38. One creative way to get asked to prom is having a flash mob and giving her something meaningful along with it so she can forever remember that day and have a fun night at prom.

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  40. If you haven’t asked someone to prom you should really consider making it a surprise for that special someone. The way I asked my boyfriend was by getting a group of his close friends to hide behind a wall at the park and hold a banner that asked him to prom, but in a way that went with the theme. Also, written on the wall was PROM in chalk just to make it extremely visible to him. Once we arrived at the park, I rolled a ball passed the wall and when he turned around to walk back he saw everybody looking at him. Of course he said yes and was definitely not expecting it.

  41. To ask a girl out to Prom you must first learn to play and interment (preferably a piano or guitar). Then have a friend that is very artistic and great at drawing draw the girl you want to ask to Prom. After that find a singer to serenade your potential Prom date so they can say yes, but if all else fails buy her, her favorite Starbucks coffee and write “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” on it.

  42. what a great website. I wish my girls were at your school. I have a keen amateur director with the Wizard of Oz under her belt and Hairspray coming up. This is a super resource. Tracey (theparttimewriter/swap-bot)

    • Thanks for the props! I would love to be able to do musicals yet they are so prohibitively expensive as we only have 120 seats in our house. Break a leg on Hairspray!

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